Saturday, April 10, 2010

Having a great day!

I am working on my scrap kits today.  I have a few kits that I want to get uploaded to the store and then I am going to put a big sale on them all.  I have spent a couple days checking all the kits I have on my pc against the ones I have in the store and I just realized that I have several that aren't even in the store yet, so I am undertaking that task so I can get caught up now. 

I spent the last two days taking pictures for the front covers of Cherokee and Smith County Editions, and in the process of that I got some great shots of my kids and hubby.  Can't wait to scrap those pictures!

I'll keep this short and sweet for today so I can get some stuff done! Have a great weekend!

Big Hugs,


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter Peeps!

Hahaha! I had to throw that in there... :) Hope your day is one filled with love and blessings! Also I hope through all the eggs and candy that you take time to remember the reason for the day...Jesus blessed us by rising up from the dead to save us all!
Thank you Lord for that ultimate sacrifice!