Thursday, September 27, 2007

Friday is tomorrow? Really?

Are you sure....I don't want to get my hopes up if its not

Busy doing school teacher stuff! Lots of fun english work...journal entries that will drive you crazy....what is bad is some of them would be hard for me to write 75 words about, and we are expecting high school kids to do these....although today we had fun, our journal entry was about the Nobel prize, I did not know that he was the person that created dynomite and he felt guilty about the fact that his creation was used to destroy and harm others, so he set up the fund for the prizes using the tons of money that he made from selling dynomite. So they were supposed to write about a prize that they would create and then make up the critea for winning it and why they picked what they picked....
SO with that said.....I wish I could create the Higgins Scrapbooking Award for the most pages scrapped in a year. They could be digital pages or paper, they must include photos, journaling, and all the other great gizmos and And the awesome prize that would be awarded to them would be all thier pages bound into books for each of their family
(By the way, Higgins was my maiden name) (I didn't name it after Becky Higgins) (lol)
Well, that was I guess it is back to hubby will be here in a
And I need to help a 7 year old do her telling time homework! lol
Big hugs,

Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday, Monday....

Here we are on Monday again....just got home from school...glad today is was a LONG LONG LONG Monday. lol

All kinds of junk going on...and I am soooo mentally exhausted from it all.
Anyhow, I got lots of great kits for my hubby gave me money...
Now if I can just wrangle up some time to use them. lol


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy Humpday....again.

Well we made it to Wednesday again....
I made a few papers the other day and thought I would share...I couple of them I am not sure if I like yet, but the star ones I love.
There is a cool Commercial template at Gotta Pixel that I used to make I hope you like them.

****SORRY, Link has expired****
Big hugs,

Monday, September 17, 2007

Merry Monday to you all...

I had a wierd and tiring day was picture day at our school. So I made 6 trips across the length of the campus to deliver kids to the photographer, and then back to our class....I have had my share of excercise

And then I got home and had lots to do too, so I am sort of bummed that I missed the First To's at DSS today. But wow there was some really great art shared on there.

Great kits for the lucky winners too!

I managed to scrap one page today. Wow....thats just

But its a cute
I used Amy Fenner's template and Bobbie M's Haunted Kit to make it.
Impact and John Handy Fonts.
Well, I am headed to bed now...gotta get up early.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Finally it is Friday....

And I got to scrap a minute or two....
Here is my page...

Its me & my hubby back in 1999....I used pieces to the kit called LusciousFall below....
I played and learned how to stroke an item with a round brush to make the scalloped frame....very cooooool and fun. Yes, I realize the color on this picture has been found wanting, but it was scanned in from an awful photo and thats all I could do with it. I was about 6 months pregnant with our twins then....geeez was I round
I am going to load this page as a quick page if you all want it....
You can get it here: ****SORRY, Link has expired****

I am so glad it is Friday. Not too much going on and it is supposed to be nice weather too.....maybe I could sit outside on my front porch swing and scrap on my laptop....
Teenagers have calmed down too, so it had been nice.



Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wooohooooo, its Hump

SO glad it is finally Wednesday. We have had a crazy week....we had teenager drama, both the 17 year old boy kind and the 17 year old girl kind....two separate issues. And last Friday at the end of the school day I was asked to change I am in English II for the next 3 weeks or so. Not too bad. Be praying for the speedy recovery of the teacher I am filling in for. She was in a car wreck the second day of school and broke both legs and crushed her ankle. She is an awesome teacher, my daughter had her last year and just adored her. We had another teacher in the business part of our school that was in a wreck about 3 weeks before school started and needs our prayers very badly. She was in a head-on collision and had extensive injuries and two broken legs as well. I really feel for them and for the loved ones tending to them. Since my hubby was in that bad wreck in February it is still fresh in my mind....and we are just now sort of back to normal although he is still not fully released to work yet.
I am just rambling away tonight. Just need to get a few things off my chest to those who will listen.
So, I guess I will go for now, but not forever,
Big hugs to my friends and prayers from me that God will bless you all and big thanks for the prayers for our teachers.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Fall Beauty Freebies!

Here is the color palette I used....join us at
for our collaboration....Make up a few items using our palette and email me with the link so we can make sure everyone gets your contributions....
****SORRY, Link has expired****


BIg HUgs,


Thursday, September 6, 2007

Freebie templates....

My kids after they all get in from school each day...we eat and play and talk, and email, and talk a bunch more, while we work on homework...I made these pages using the freebie kits from the blogparty that was gouing on....great kits....
I made the templates first....

Hope you like them....I made these last night. They are made to go together....I used a big photo and put half on each page, but you could use two photos if you like....
****SORRY, Link has expired****
Share with me when you scrap them!
Big hugs,

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

O My Goodness...I am so tired....

But I want to scrapbook....
I am going through scrap withdrawals right now. These people that I live with are going to have to give me some "ME" time so I can scrap or I am going to go completely mad. I have scrap ideas rattling around in my head, pictures downloaded off my camera and new totally cool kits that have been calling my name.
But alas, I can't stay up all night like I did in those teenage, or twenty-something years. I need all the beauty sleep I can get these days to let my tired arthritus bones
And now my laptop battery is getting I guess God is trying to tell me to save, post and get to bed.
Big HUgs for now,
I will try to post my templates I made today soon too!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Happy Labor Day!

Not much news today....just boring holiday at home...
Worked on laundry some and played the Link-a-pix games on line a while. Got my pictures off my camera so I can scrap those first day of school photos. Can't wait to get to the fun part of the photojournalism class....we are going to have fun in

I got a kick out of the new Texas Laws that went into effect as of Sept 1st. My favorite out of all of them is the "Speeding Tickets-Drivers ticketed for going 95 or faster will not be allowed to take Defensive Driving Safety Class to dismiss the ticket...." This just says "DUH, ya think?" all over it.... LOL

Any how...back to work tomorrow and back to school too!