Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Howdy how is your day going?

And stop by the Members Design a Kit area for some great freebies that were created by myself and all the other great members at MSS. Go to the forums and check them out! And join us for the October Design A Kit Challenge...
My hubby's surgery went great today so I am at home taking care of him...no walking on it for 2 weeks...
Hugs for now,

Lots of fun at MSS these days, check these out...

New from SirScrapalot Designs! Inspired by those cutesy notepads in the paper scrap world, this set of journal spots have the look of being torn right from the pad. Perfect for almost any layout!! Plus, as a bonus, you get the 20 matching papers. All this for $3.00. Stop by now and grab them.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Fever is here...lol

I am sooooo glad it is Friday...geez, I am worse than the kids! lol I am just wiped out this week. It has been a long busy week and I am ready to rest and relax a bit. My kids didn't want to get up this morning either, but I convinved them that it was the last day of the week, so lets just get it over with! lol
I am reading a book called "Dear John" by Nicholas Sparks, that is so good...but not his usual tear jerker kind of story so I am actually able to read it in front of people! lol The next one of his that I have to read is called "At First Site." It looks good too! Dear John is reminding me of my military days...I have been very nostalic the last week or two...turning 40 does that to ya, I guess. I had all these grand ideas of things I wanted to have done by the time I was 40, (which back when I made this list was what I considered to be old) but here I am at 40 and I lost the list but it was WAY off track anyway. So then that seed of dissapointment sets in and we have to decide where we go from here...? I feel like I am standing at the proverbial fork in the road of life and which road shall I take? Does anyone else feel like that? I thought that by now I would be making so much more money and have life figured out, but I am still poor and have NO clue about life. Some days I feel like God has deserted me, but in the smallest ways he reminds me that he is still there, matching me step for step. A month ago I had a big reminder that he still looks after me, through a total strangers generosity. ANd when I hear of a very special scrapbooker on one of my groups and her struggle with cancer I am reminded that life is not all easy and requires some struggle to make us stronger...
Well, I better get off here and get my bath so I can get ready for school...
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Friday, September 19, 2008

40 years old....now that is scary!

I will be 40 years old this Sunday! I am not the kind of person that loves birthday's...they usually suck...so I am trying to be chipper about this one, with very little luck...lol
So I decided that I am going to give a 40% off coupon to my store so at least someone can enjoy it! lol
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Hugs for now,

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Back to the Grind...

We are slowing getting back in sync with the school year grind...how is your family adjusting to it? We still wish for those three day weekends...lol Our school doesn't have another day off until Thanksgiving this year...which is a long time from now....lol
We are waiting to hear from the doctor's when my hubby will have his surgery on his leg...they are going to have to put the little bone in his leg back together...finally...it has not grown back together since November last year...so they decided after trying a bone stimulator that it is not going to grow on its own...so they are going to be putting some donor bone with it, and add another piece of metal and a few screws to it....then once that is healed hopefully he can go through a little therapy and get back to work...it has been a long year and a half....
I just read that Hurricane Ike is headed for Tx/La. again? Goodness that is crazy...
and scarey! Maybe it will be a dud too! Please Lord.
I have to work today...I have a photo shoot for the cover picture for the next issue of the magazine. It is of my nieces and nephews....lol Ought to be fun.
My anniversary is this Tuesday too...8 years of marriage....
Oh and speaking of the 9th, there is an awesome chat at MSS at 10 pm Central time...It is called the Texas Two Step Chat...the hosts are from Texas like me...I am going to try to make it, but since it is my anniversary I don't know what we will be doing that night so I am not making any promises...

Here is the link to the chat room: http://www.myscrapshop.com/chat/
Come join the fun.
And stop by our fabulous Design A Kit Challenges at MSS for a bunch of great freebies:
And this month's theme and color palette can be found here, along with some great freebies to get you going!
Well, I am headed over to scrap a few pages before I have to get dressed and go to work...
Hugs for now,

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

September already? Who said it could?

Not me....I get older in September, so I didn't approve it...lol And my anniversary is in September too. Not too much going on here...I scrapped a couple pages yesterday...

These were my twins back on the first year that we moved here...geez were they little! And VERY silly! lol
You can see that they didn't want their pictures taken at first...then I said stick out your tongues and took that picture then they started laughing...lol Kids are so funny!
I made this page using Booland Designs Kit called Hot Dotty...it is a freebie at SAS's Birthday celebration! Be sure you go check it out and get all the fabulous goodies while you are there!

Here they are now! They are getting so big. I used Erika-aka-Lara's Digi World Designs Kit called Blooming Dale, isn't it pretty? I love the colors of it! You can find it at MSS.

This was my family last Mother's Day...we had a great day inspite of things going on...God is good to remind us of his presence in the simplest ways.
I used Vickey Morrissey's great kit called Meadow Dreams for this one...it is at Scrapbook-Elements.com

This is a great kit by Booland Designs called Dust Storm...such soft colors...and an old picture of me and my kids...you can find it at SAS too...
There are soooo many fabulous kits and soooo many great designers too. I am trying to finish a kit for the MSS Design A Kit challenge for August....of course now it is September so I guess I will try to zip and upload it this evening...lol
So go to MSS challenages and check out all the awesome pieces to the Back to School Kit!