Saturday, June 27, 2009

Scrappy Saturday at my house…

I am trying to get a few things done and for my mind’s leisure I am scrapping in between tasks…lol It was a steamy 95 degrees here today so it was perfect weather to stay inside and not melt in…lol

I scrapped a few pages for my brag book. Just a few pictures here and there that will want to share with people…

This first one is of Amanda holding her cousin Lily…it is sweet because she held her so long she fell  asleep and so did Amanda…I used ACM Designs Kit called Bedtime Stories at GottaPixel to make this page.


This page I made to show off my really “macro” shot of a lady bug on my bridal wreath plant in my yard.  It is cool because you can see that it is dirty or fuzzy or something?  I am not a bug person ok…you can also see it’s tiny little jointed legs…I used ACM Designs kit called Catch N’ Bugs to scrap this page it is available at too.


These pages I made for the Quote Challenge at  I used my kit called “My World” to make it.  It is a cool lizard in my mom’s backyard.  You can find my kits at under the name DigitalGator Designs.


Then I made 2 pages with my newest kit that will be in the store by Sunday called “Summer Whispers.”  It is a cool summery beach-y colored kit that I created to scrap a few of my softer summer pictures with.  When I got done with it, it seemed to just whisper beach to me so I called it Summer Whispers…lol  Check by there tomorrow and it should be loaded up for ya.

I used some of the pictures of my little kids at the park a few weeks ago.  They had a good time even if they were hot.

cwooddell_summerwhispers_qp1_RnE09WEB cwooddell_summerwhispers_qp2_Kids09WEB

Then stop by here for a freebie set of quick pages for your own summer photos!

Hugs for now~


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Good Morning all!

Here it is Wednesday already and I haven’t posted.  My new job is taking away from my free time at  I am trying to get a freebie uploaded and it keeps giving me all kinds of errors…either my computer is wacky or it is our internet connection.  It has been running very slow and we have reported it, but Hughesnet isn’t really expediting the matter.   I wish we had Suddenlink available here, because I would sure switch…but alas, we are not in a serviceable location…lol 

So with that said I am heading to work again and I will keep trying to upload the freebies for you all.

Big HUgs~


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ready for the hop?

A blog hop that is…lol Our fabulous Ct at and a few of the designers have created a wonderful set of Quick Pages using our newest Collaboration Kit called Summer Dreams….it is a beautiful kit for of bright but soft summer colors.

You can find it here:


Summer Dreams

Bright colors, butterflies, and lazy summer days, what could be better? Scrap away those summer days with this gorgeous collaboration kit by the MSS Designers.

Full of gorgeous essentials such as ribbons, buttons and frames, plus amazing animals and beautiful summer trees and flowers, this kit is perfect for creating your memories this season.

On sale for June only, do not miss this one! $3.95

And here are my pages:


You can get them here:

Then go to the rest of the list and gather up some more!

I will add the list later today or tomorrow!

Don't forget to stop by the store this week is all that is left of my fabulous 50% off sale on all my goodies!



Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just a quick note…

Tomorrow is our hop at Myscrapshop Designer Blogs…so stop by for lots of freebies!

Here is a great page I made this morning using a friend of mine’s great kit called Pearls and Lace….Vickey Morrissey from Scrapbook Elements…


I started my new job on Monday so I am stretched for time…see ya later!


Monday, June 15, 2009

Good Monday Morning to all those in Blogland!

I am up and at em’ early today…I start my new job today! Wish me luck…why are new things so scary.  I always hate the first day of any job because it is that strange unfamiliar feeling that scares the crap out of me…lol  My household is going to have to get used to a new schedule in order to semi-function without me.  But I will ne working right in the middle of the day and I will have a little time each morning to get a few things done…while it is cool…lol  We are still working on getting our air conditioner fixed…geez is that expensive. I have almost recovered most of my scrapbook stuff from the EHD crash…not all of it, but a good bit of it anyway.  Let me be moma a minute here…(finger shaking in your direction) You have got to make back up copies on disks to back up the stuff on the external hard drive so that if the disk fails/corrupts, the data will be on the EHD, if the EHD corrupts/fails you will have it on disk…do not trust either of them 100%….I have learned the REALLY hard way.

Ok, whew, glad that was over.  Well I guess I will get busy this morning and fold some laundry now…my coffee is getting cold while I type…lol

Hugs for now,


Sunday, June 7, 2009

He did it!

Alex graduated at 16 years old! I am so very proud of him for setting a goal and sticking to it! Now if he will just make up his mind and pick a college so we can get him enrolled and going…lol

Here are a few of the pictures from graduation night!


We had a great night, as you can tell.  The weather was perfect and the temperature was nice too!

I have to get back to work today on a few things, I am the featured designer at this week and I need to get a freebie all packaged up for you so check back tomorrow!