Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday’s child is fair of face…

Does that mean blonde? Oh, I don’t guess it matters…but I have lots of Tuesday born children and they are all blonde? lol  The things I get side tracked on these days astound me…lol I try to amuse myself so I don’t get all down worse and be a gloomy gus…anyhow…enough of that rambling…I have a purpose today for blogging…

I have two new kits in the store!

Berry Melon”  Which is the result of my longing for summer and those sweet strawberries and watermelons…yum, my mouth is watering again…lol

Here is my kit if you would like to check it out.




And the second one is called “Have a Grape Day”  Which is mostly all purples…and yes, that is my favorite color…lol

Go here to check it out…



Be sure you share with me when you create something with my kits…I love to see what you came up with…and you just never know what I will surprise you with.


Go here to get this page as a BragBook freebie from my Crazy Love kit at My Scrap Shop.com

Leave me love!

Hugs and Friendship,


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wednesday is gone…

I wanted to post Sunday, but the internet was down…then yesterday and today it has been terrible weather…which plays havoc on the satellite internet…lol

So here i am…trying to share a freebie with you…and some of my recent scrapped pages…I will have to edit the post and add the links in, but for the most part I can tell you whose kit, and where to get it…lol

Here is a page I made using Karen Lewis’ Rainbow Crush kit at GottaPixel.net   And the template was by someone…


This page I made using the Chalk Garden kit by Kristin Aagard and the Wacky Wednesday Challenge at GottaPixel.net


I used the Itsy Bitsy Spider Page kit by Kim Cameron and the Keep it Simple Templates by COnnie Prince at GottaPixel.net


This is my January page for the Project 365 Challenge…I used the weeds and wildflowers quick pages, so only had to cut my pics and journal it…lol


this is my january page for 2009 I used CU items to make it, and a template from the Sweet Shop I think…or it may be weeds and wildflowers..? I will have to look.


This page I made using my newest kit called Spring Love…it is available at MyScrapshop.com


This is made of my mom and her boyfriend.  Used tranquility kit and watercolor sping papers by Kim Cameron at GottaPixel.net


This is my mom and her friends on the lunch date.  I used Melon Splash kit by Kim Cameron at GottaPixel.net


This page is for my mom, her flowers that her boyfriend bought her…I used Rainbow Crush kit for it by Karen Lewis at GottaPixel.net


This is one of my kits called the Get Well Add on kit…it is me after I got a haircut last summer.


This page I made of our storage building outside, and I cute the window out and put Ryleigh’s pic in it…I also used some of the Morning Fresh Kit by Kim Cameron for this page.


This is a page Ryleigh wanted me to make of her using a star shape for her picture and littlle sparkly stars all over it…she had a great idea, and I added the quote from Les Brown.


This is me…I used Dannielle Corbit’s Lucky For You kit for it.


and that is all for now….I think…

But before I go here is today’s freebie bragbook page…


Here is the link to it…

Enjoy it and leave me some love!



Friday, March 20, 2009

Thursday is already here…and now is gone.

I wanted to share a few cool things I found today to share with you. 

How about a freebie from me? I’ve been creating brag book pages to give away…I seem to use them alot…I like to throw my newest pics in them and print them so I can show them off…plus throughout the holidays I uploaded them to Walmart and had them printed at the stores near my mom, my brother, and my aunt…then all they had to do is drive to their local Walmart and pick them up in the 1 hour photo section and Viola! I got lots of mileage from my pages…

Here is the first page freebie for you…I am celebrating Spring Break this week so here is my brag book page to match my newest kit “Spring Love” you can find it in the store here.


I had to use it to scrap my three little people with…


Hope you like it! Go here to get it…Check back tomorrow for another one…


And this is a good deal…

Boo is having a huge crazy 'Kiss Me, I'm Irish' sale to try and help fund a new pc. She’s gotta have her creatin' fix before she goes totally gaga..... lol.
Everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING in her store at BooLand is a whopping 80% off for St Patricks Day and beyond. Grab the goodies while you can. A sale like this can't last forever....


And just because you ladies have been so lovely emailing her and checking if she was ok, here's a little extra something she had lined up for a challenge. Its yours today. Enjoy and please leave a little message. She has sooooooo missed hearing from you gals.

Go to her blog to download here!

And don’t forget all the great challenges I showed you in the post below!



Monday, March 16, 2009

Ready for a Challenge? Join me!

I have been scrapping and completing a few challenges at www.myscrapshop.com this weekend…some are easy and some are hard but all of them are fun…

I have an impromptu challenge as well…called “Read to Me” I want you to take a picture of someone reading or your favorite books and show me…then I will let you pick from the Prize Vault.  Then you use that kit to scrap a page and share it with us….then you get to pick another prize….how cool is that? Come join me!

Lyrical Challenge  The Beatles Song “Here comes the Sun” was the song I chose…and I used Dancing Princess Designs kit called “Lil’ Dreamer” to make it.


Monthly Theme Challenge- “New Growth”  This is the best new growth picture I could find…my newest niece…beautiful isn’t she?

I used “Lil’ Dreamer kit by Dancing Princess Designs for this challenge.


ABC’s of Macro Challenge- Something that starts with the Letter B…

An upclose Macro Shot of something that starts with the letter B…my favorite ornaments on our tree are the BIG BLUE BAUBLES…lol  I used Sweet Treats kit by Ladybug pages for this challenge…


Scraplift Challenge  The l ayout that we scraplifted was fabulous with this blended larger photo on the background and the smaller version in the corner…very fun and something that I have yet to do…so I decided to use one of my older photos for this page…this is my daddy in about 1956 before he went into the military…he was posing like Elvis…

I used pieces from all the Heritage Collab kits at MYScrapShop…lots of great designers….go see.


It’s All About the Elements Challenge  The challenge is to just use papers and swirls, but you must have glitter too…very hard to do this one for me, I like to put lots of stuff on here…lol This is my Step daughter Amanda before her semi formal dance.  I used pieces of my Frosty Holiday Kit for this page.


And Ed tell them what they have won….lol The prizes are great this month too…And the best part is you get to pick which ones you want…which may well be the hard part of this…lol


There are several other challenge to play with too, but I haven’t gotten them done yet…lol

Members Designs a Kit Collab Challenge – Teenage Rockstar is the theme and the colors are fabulous!


Here is my part of it…Ready for the freebies now?


Click the image to go to the download.  For more pieces or to join us stop by the forum! And check back often because some of us run a little bit slow and post at the last minute…lol

Well, that is all I have for right now…I have a new kit to upload but I will post about that after I get it all loaded up! lol



Saturday, March 14, 2009

Got Scraps? I do…

I have managed to scrap a few pages this week even though it was a busy and stressful week around here…

This is my new niece Lily…I scrapped this page for the Theme of the Month Challenge at MyScrapShop.com.  This month’s theme is “New Growth.”  This is the best from of new growth I could find. 


I used this beautiful kit by Dancing Princess designs at www.myscrapshop.com for this page…It is very fun and versatile…I think I am going to use it to scrap a few of my boys baby pics too.

Don’t forget to join us at MyScrapShop for some fun challenges and fabulous free kits for your prizes…


These pages I made using kits by Connie Prince at GottaPixel.net

This page is Ryleigh posing for pictures for me…the kit is called Desperately Seeking Spring.


This is my little three pigging out on pizza…yes, they all groaned as I was taking the pictures…lol I used Star Struck Collab kit from Connie Prince and Lisa West for this page…


This is Ryan and Ethan, who were supposed to be smiling nicely for photos, but instead they were wanting to pretend they were in the WWE…lol  I used Super Safari Kit by Connie Prince for this page.


This is another wild life picture…not really they are my kids…lol But there was definetly monkey business going on…lol This kit is called My Funky Monkey by Connie Prince at GottaPixel.


This is my family in January at my in-laws house…I used Family kit by Jen Maceyunas at GottaPixel for this page.


ok, I am heading out to scrap a few more challenges today before I start cleaning my house…this week is Spring Break for us…so I am trying to enjoy myself…lol



Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday, only 3 days after today until Spring Break….

There is a new kit in the store called Lil' Dreamer! It's on sale 25% off until the 22nd!

This mighty kit is full of a little of everything, perfect for all kinds of layouts: baby, zoo, sleepy time, and MORE! Soft and sweet, bold and bright, you'll find some of both in this huge collection!
Also my store at MSS is having a great deal for the month of March!

Buy $10 Dancing Princess Designs products in a single order during the month of March and receive a $5 coupon back! PM me with your order number!

Join us for a challenge or two this month and get the fabulous “Read With Me” Prize kits to boot!



Sunday, March 8, 2009

Can I just say wow! It is Sunday and we just lost an hour of time…

I always hate when we have to adjust the time.  IT totally messes up my brain…lol And for those that know me, that is pretty scarey! lol

I spent my day yesterday getting my laundry caught up and playing seamstress for Amanda’s Semi-Formal dress…the dance at the high school was last night…they call it a Semi-Formal…but they dress pretty formal…then I had to play photographer and take pics of her, after I played beautician and did the hair and the makeup thing…lol  We had a good day and I have great pics of her and my little kids too.  And one of her and her daddy, with his proud of his daughter look…lol

I also scrapped a few pages the last day of two that I will share…amandaLynnMarqueeamandaNeedsDuddleDooRightWEBAmandaSemiFormal3_7_09WEB

   amandaDaddymarch6_7_09-045WEBamanda2009_2 march6_7_09-069WEBamanda2009_1      march6_7_09-071WEBmarch6_7_09-054WEB march6_7_09-059WEB march6_7_09-061WEB march6_7_09-066WEB   3amigosMarch2009WEBryan03072009WEB


Didn’t they all turn out fabulous!

These first 3 pages are made using Vickey Morrissey’s Summer Love kit at SBE…No bake Chocolates recipe, My niece Lily, and the Summer Slush recipe.

ChocolateNoBakesWEB lillyreneefeb2009WEBSummerSlushRecipeWEB

These next two are for Laura Burger at GottaPixel.net.  Her fabulous Wild Nature Paper Kit and Nature Element kits work beautifully together on this page of my son getting hugged by my mom and for this layout of my other son doing his chores…lol

EthanGrandmaMar0109WEB  AlexcleaningkitchenWEB

This page was made of my twins 9th birthday party on the 1st…we had a good time.  I used Laura Burger’s Oh Joni kit for this page…you can find it at GottaPixel too.


This last page I made with a beautiful mini kit by Wetfish Designs.  I can’t remember the name of it…but she offered it as a freebie and it is gorgeous.  This is my sweet great niece-Lily.


And if that wasn’t enough….we have a bunch of FABULOUS challenges at Myscrapshop.com this month…and the best part of it is the prizes for participating…OMG! This is BY FAR the best collab kit we have ever made….

The theme is Read with Me! in honor of Dr. Suess’ Birthday…so all of our mini kits are based on reading and the stories we so love…so grab your camera and scrap those picks of your kids/grandkids reading or of you reading to them…then go earn a kit or two to scrap them with!


Come join us!