Sunday, March 28, 2010

End of the weekend....

Wow, that flew by! I had sooooo many things I was going to get done...but alas only only managed to get my laundry done and eat way too much with family and I did get to tallk to my kids on the phone and I enjoyed watching my 3 younger ones ride their bikes, and we had an awesome ice cream treat on saturday by stopping by all loved butterfinger blizzard was awesome too! lol
I am trying to plan a baby shower for my daughter next month....location and all the logistics are toughest part...cake and punch are the easy parts! lol
I am loving my new job so far still! Getting to do work that you enjoy isn't really work at all! lol
Yes, there is a quote along that line...but I forgot who said
Well, I am heading off to bed for now! Love you all and may tomorrow hold wonderous adventures for you all! Peace, Love and Friendship, Claudette

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Good Morning All...

Started a new job on Tuesday...lots of stuff to learn, some stuff to refresh on, and some stuff I already knew...seems like it is going great so far...great, and sweet people to work with, and all of them are very helpful.  In case you are wondering where I am now it is at  Stop by and check it out.  Especially those scrapbookers and artists who follow may find some goodies that you just have to
Not much on my scrapping agenda right now.  Just kinda getting organized lately and not put much time into my hobbies.  Check facebook once or twice a day, and play a game or two, then back to life....laundry, family, etc.
Well, I have to run for now, gotta get ready for my day...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Catching up on blogs....

Thought I would catch up on blogging today instead of playing on facebook all morning to relax. Have lots that I haven't shared...
First of all my best and most fun news is that I will be a grandma in May! Austin is pregnant and is due on May 28th! Woohoo! She is still tiny and thin, but that little boy belly looks like she swallowed a It is too cute!
All the other kids are doing fine. The three little ones all have A-B Honor roll this 6 weeks in school!
Still have my products up at two stores, although the economy is not resulting in lots of sales for me...hopefully I can get a few new things up soon.
Hugs for now,