Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I have been busy...

Both at work and at home.  We have lots of new products at work so I have been swamped all day there, then come home to a house full, and my super fabulous grandbaby! lol The house repairs are STILL going on, and my cash is still flying out the door to it all...lol  And I got a chance to read up on a few blogs this morning, yay!
I read one called "40 years of memories for 40 years of life" and thought KEWL! What a great thing to scrap book for my family...plus it will jog my memory a bit.  What the fibro fog doesn't take over anyway...lol

So I am going to compose a list of 42 memories and scrap them for my 42 years of life so far...this should be fun.
Hugs for now and I will post more later!