Tuesday, July 31, 2007

OOOOhhhhh, Simply Sarah Templates

This is a cool template I got over at Simply Sarah's Blog...Great work Sarah and thanks for sharing it with us! http://www.simplysarahdesigns.blogspot.com/
Just when I thought I got all these "Photo Shoot" pictures scrapped....they are in my office taking MORE pictures! lol
Tomorrow is my first day as a Guest Creative Team Member for Gotta Pixel! I am so excited that I can't wait to get started...lol They will crack up when they get an email from me at 12:01 to start on it....LOL
They will be thinking I am a Scrap nut! LOL
Big Hugs,

More Layouts....

Ryleigh & our big kitty-Smokey
Whiskers Kit by Kathryn Mhire & Sarah Meyer at http://www.gottapixel.net/boutique/index.php?main_page=advanced_search_result&search_in_description=1&keyword=whiskers

Austin & Amanda
Kit by April Staker @ DigiApe Designs

Austin & amanda
Kit by http://www.designsindigital.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=499

My sons birds....Kit by me

My sons birds...Kit by me
My silly girls....
credits are: Kit from http://www.littlekeid.blogspot.com/
My girls again.
Credits for the sunshine kit are: http://janniscrapdesigns.blogspot.com/

My Ryleigh

My boys....
go get these great freebies....but don't forget to leave them some love!


Monday, July 30, 2007


Ocean Side Filter
normal toned
natural light toned
Vivid Toned
sepia toned
black & white toned
I am back....
i played with my camera a little bit....I had to go help hubby and missed out on the only sunshine we got today so....I stood in the garage and photographed through the doorway...lol
These are pics of my house and my Garden of Weedin....It was originally a bed of gladiolias, but the HUGE grasshoppers came and took it over....ate all my flowers and all their leaves and when I tell you that grasshoppers gross me out....I mean very seriously grossed out....almost as bad as spiders...lol So once the grasshoppers took over I let them have it....I am not about to pull weeds and be jumped all over....YUK!
So anyway....I used all the color filters on my camera here....except my scenery setting....it blurred...lol
But you can at least see the color variance.
By the way Vivid is my favorite one.



Hello! Excitement here!

I am going to be a guest creative team member at Gotta Pixel! I am so excited!
Here is my new blinkie....

Hopefully it works...lol
Not much time to write today...got lots to do today.
This is a quick page by Carrie Stephens....love the colors she used...

Friday, July 27, 2007

Playing on my NEW laptop...

Its not a really fancy one...but it is faster than my pc was and I can pick it up and take it where ever I want to...lol
I installed Adobe PSCS3 on it and my tablet works ok....had to have a new driver to run my printer on it...scanner was ok, and my camera was ok....so I am a happy camper today...lol
It is a Sony Vaio...it matches my camera....(kinda like having your shoes match your purse...lol)
Anyhow....I've been playing all day and installing all the goodies on it...lol
I am not to used to typing on this crazy little key board...I guess I better cut my nails a little bit.
Maybe I can scrap in the morning. I can't beleive it is already 10:50 pm...? Where did my afternoon go?
Oh well, I better go for now.
Big Happy Hugs,

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Camera settings....

Here are my photos of the fountain at the hospital here in town.
I used the Shutter Priority function on my camera. I took one at each speed. As you can see they get fuzzier and brighter the longer I leave the shutter open...the bigger the shutter number the faster it opens and closes...the number actually means _th of a second....so a 1000 shutter speed is a 1000th of a second...so the littler number means the shutter is staying open longer...20th of a second is bigger than a 1000th of second...I have to think of a pie....a pie cut into a thousand pieces is pretty small, but if I cut it into 20 pieces it would be a lot bigger piece...(I would still need about 5 pieces to be happy though...lol)back to the camera...all the rest of the settings are the same....F stop did change because when I set it on Shutter Priority it auto sets the F-Stops....(the shortest one was 4.5 and the longest one was 8.0) The ISO was 80, and the focal length was 23.3 mm, the metering was set to Spot Meter on all these.
Shutter speed 1000
Shutter speed 800
Shutter speed 640
Shutter speed 500
Shutter speed 400
Shutter speed 320
Shutter speed 250
Shutter speed 200
Shutter speed 160
Shutter speed 125
Shutter speed 100
Shutter speed 80
Shutter speed 60
Shutter speed 50
Shutter speed 40
Shutter speed 30
Shutter speed 25
As you can see they get progressively awful at these speeds....I actually had some that were even slower speeds than these but they are nothing but white space...lol
But this same speed at night of passing cars would result in headlight and taillight trails on all the cars and would be way cool....Or of fireworks would be beautiful too....
Just my thoughts on the camera speeds....leave me a comment if I have got something twisted and not explained correctly....
OH....and I was having a hard time trying to figure out the ISO overide settings on my digital camera too....on a SLR camera you use the ISO settings to tell the camera what speed of film you are using so I really didn't see why I would use it on a digital camera.
But after I played with my son's digital camera I realized that the faster ISO the smaller megapixels that it saves it in. SO that means that the faster the speed film the grainier the photos (just like regular film). You use faster speed film for sports and action type photos, and slower speed film for slower events....like for portraits you would use 40 speed film...
Hope this helps someone besides me out...

PS..this was my second post today but it was so long it covered up the other one...

Good Morning...

Our House...
I love this page....
My daughter Austin. Credits: Wendy Whitney's Playful Boy Kit at Gotta Pixel...and Atomic Cupcake Chipboard Action for the letters.

Credits are Tracy Collins Kit ( retrodiva - http://www.retrodiva.netDigital Freebies - http://www.digitalfreebies.com )
Me---Quick Page by Gary Fryns At Gotta Pixel

My papers and photo, Michelle Swadling's Tag, stitching, button, and thread. (I recolored the thread and the stitching)
Papers by Michelle Swadling-Celebration kits-(recolored), her tag too. Notebook paper by Tandika Star actions.
Credits are: Susan CLeeves Papers.
I am up and at em' today. I have a MOUNTAIN of laundry to wash. My little boys cleaned their room! Yikes! Now I know why there wasn't much laundry last week...lol
I made several pages and posted them through the group...but I am uploading them here too so my other peeps can see them...lol

I took a heap of fountain photos yesterday trying out my settings on my DSLR Camera....I may have actually learned something too! lol I will share those in another post after I sort them out a bit...lol

Well, I better post this and then get the pages uploaded too!



Monday, July 23, 2007

NOw that is funny....

Good morning....someone commented me and explained why a couple of my links at 4shared quit working.....it is because of words in my file....so I have to rename a couple and here are the new links to those....
Apparently, it thinks sexy (tall sexy blonde font) is something dirty.....so then I was trying to figure out why it didn't like the striped paper....then I got what the person said it picked "strip" out of striped and thought it was bad....lol
So I renamed the font as font1....here is the link....
****SORRY, Link has expired****

And here is the link for the striped paper for the OUtdoor fun kit....

****SORRY, Link has expired****

ROTFLOL! This is an eye opener for me...It never occured to me that they weed out all the porn stuff that way.....reminds me of the school's search engine that blocks all those words (sex)....so it also blocks when health class tried to look up sexually transmitted diseases...lol

Well I am going to get off here and get busy scrapping before my herd gets up and disturbs my creativity! LOL

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Let me know if you like it...

Rolling on the floor

This is my font that i

made the capitals are all really tall but the

regular size letters are small and to the top of the caps it is called

Tall Sexy Blonde!



Technorati Tags: ,

****SORRY, Link has expired****

Having a Blah Kinda Day?

(credits: Gary Fryns QP at gotta Pixel)
Is anyone else out there in Blah land with me? I am so .....?...., that I don't even have words to describe it. I scrapped a couple of pages last night...then I went on to play with my daughter and step daughters pictures. I turned one child into a butterfly and the other into a rotten angel...lol I dolled up the pictures for them to put on their Myspace pages. I guarantee no one else will have one like it! lol
I downloaded brushes from the internet and used Atomic Cupcake glitter action and Melethora's SweetDream Rainbow Action on them...Very cool and lots of fun.
I will upload the pages in a minute too.
go here to see the girls photos... http://www.mrswooddellscraps.blogspot.com/
This is my Themed Thursday PAges for this week...Her behavior for a Seventeen year old was absolutely silly. In a sarcastic way. The bad thing is that it is now 3 months after this huge ordeal and I don't remember what all the habub was about. Probably her boyfriend or her not getting to do all the stuff that other kids do....usual teenage silly arguments...(credits: Michelle Swadling's Celebration Kit at GottaPixel.net. Tandika Star's Notebook Paper Action, Cooper Font, and my own brushes) here is link to brush "birthday fiasco" http://www.4shared.com/file/20427877/b06ffe1b/CWooddell_BadBirthday.html
No credits on this one except me as the Photographer...oh...well I did use Optic Verver Labs Virtual Photgrapher Plug-in to "Dreamy" look my picture....
(Credits: Our FABU Outdoors Kit....pieces by Susan CLeeves, Hummie, and myself.)