Sunday, July 22, 2007

Having a Blah Kinda Day?

(credits: Gary Fryns QP at gotta Pixel)
Is anyone else out there in Blah land with me? I am so .....?...., that I don't even have words to describe it. I scrapped a couple of pages last night...then I went on to play with my daughter and step daughters pictures. I turned one child into a butterfly and the other into a rotten I dolled up the pictures for them to put on their Myspace pages. I guarantee no one else will have one like it! lol
I downloaded brushes from the internet and used Atomic Cupcake glitter action and Melethora's SweetDream Rainbow Action on them...Very cool and lots of fun.
I will upload the pages in a minute too.
go here to see the girls photos...
This is my Themed Thursday PAges for this week...Her behavior for a Seventeen year old was absolutely silly. In a sarcastic way. The bad thing is that it is now 3 months after this huge ordeal and I don't remember what all the habub was about. Probably her boyfriend or her not getting to do all the stuff that other kids do....usual teenage silly arguments...(credits: Michelle Swadling's Celebration Kit at Tandika Star's Notebook Paper Action, Cooper Font, and my own brushes) here is link to brush "birthday fiasco"
No credits on this one except me as the Photographer...oh...well I did use Optic Verver Labs Virtual Photgrapher Plug-in to "Dreamy" look my picture....
(Credits: Our FABU Outdoors Kit....pieces by Susan CLeeves, Hummie, and myself.)

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  1. Yes, I feel blah too! Not sure what it is....just tired I have been one busy girl! I am amazed! The layouts with the outdoor kit are great...I still want to use your stuff..I was using mine first to test it to see what was missing for my Part 5....

    Those sure are silly photos of a silly event! Made me smile.