Friday, July 27, 2007

Playing on my NEW laptop...

Its not a really fancy one...but it is faster than my pc was and I can pick it up and take it where ever I want
I installed Adobe PSCS3 on it and my tablet works ok....had to have a new driver to run my printer on it...scanner was ok, and my camera was I am a happy camper
It is a Sony matches my camera....(kinda like having your shoes match your
Anyhow....I've been playing all day and installing all the goodies on
I am not to used to typing on this crazy little key board...I guess I better cut my nails a little bit.
Maybe I can scrap in the morning. I can't beleive it is already 10:50 pm...? Where did my afternoon go?
Oh well, I better go for now.
Big Happy Hugs,

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  1. Oh, a new laptop! How cool! You'll be in heaven now!