Monday, July 23, 2007

NOw that is funny....

Good morning....someone commented me and explained why a couple of my links at 4shared quit is because of words in my I have to rename a couple and here are the new links to those....
Apparently, it thinks sexy (tall sexy blonde font) is something then I was trying to figure out why it didn't like the striped paper....then I got what the person said it picked "strip" out of striped and thought it was
So I renamed the font as is the link....
****SORRY, Link has expired****

And here is the link for the striped paper for the OUtdoor fun kit....

****SORRY, Link has expired****

ROTFLOL! This is an eye opener for me...It never occured to me that they weed out all the porn stuff that way.....reminds me of the school's search engine that blocks all those words (sex) it also blocks when health class tried to look up sexually transmitted

Well I am going to get off here and get busy scrapping before my herd gets up and disturbs my creativity! LOL

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