Thursday, July 26, 2007

Camera settings....

Here are my photos of the fountain at the hospital here in town.
I used the Shutter Priority function on my camera. I took one at each speed. As you can see they get fuzzier and brighter the longer I leave the shutter open...the bigger the shutter number the faster it opens and closes...the number actually means _th of a a 1000 shutter speed is a 1000th of a the littler number means the shutter is staying open longer...20th of a second is bigger than a 1000th of second...I have to think of a pie....a pie cut into a thousand pieces is pretty small, but if I cut it into 20 pieces it would be a lot bigger piece...(I would still need about 5 pieces to be happy to the camera...all the rest of the settings are the same....F stop did change because when I set it on Shutter Priority it auto sets the F-Stops....(the shortest one was 4.5 and the longest one was 8.0) The ISO was 80, and the focal length was 23.3 mm, the metering was set to Spot Meter on all these.
Shutter speed 1000
Shutter speed 800
Shutter speed 640
Shutter speed 500
Shutter speed 400
Shutter speed 320
Shutter speed 250
Shutter speed 200
Shutter speed 160
Shutter speed 125
Shutter speed 100
Shutter speed 80
Shutter speed 60
Shutter speed 50
Shutter speed 40
Shutter speed 30
Shutter speed 25
As you can see they get progressively awful at these speeds....I actually had some that were even slower speeds than these but they are nothing but white
But this same speed at night of passing cars would result in headlight and taillight trails on all the cars and would be way cool....Or of fireworks would be beautiful too....
Just my thoughts on the camera speeds....leave me a comment if I have got something twisted and not explained correctly....
OH....and I was having a hard time trying to figure out the ISO overide settings on my digital camera too....on a SLR camera you use the ISO settings to tell the camera what speed of film you are using so I really didn't see why I would use it on a digital camera.
But after I played with my son's digital camera I realized that the faster ISO the smaller megapixels that it saves it in. SO that means that the faster the speed film the grainier the photos (just like regular film). You use faster speed film for sports and action type photos, and slower speed film for slower for portraits you would use 40 speed film...
Hope this helps someone besides me out...

PS..this was my second post today but it was so long it covered up the other one...


  1. Great comparison shots! I was surprised to see them all here! I like the one around 200 or 160 the best.

    I submitted this to the blog carnival!

  2. That is really awesome! I love the comparison shots.

  3. I like how you labeled all the changes. I like around 100 the best. Great job!