Monday, July 30, 2007


Ocean Side Filter
normal toned
natural light toned
Vivid Toned
sepia toned
black & white toned
I am back....
i played with my camera a little bit....I had to go help hubby and missed out on the only sunshine we got today so....I stood in the garage and photographed through the
These are pics of my house and my Garden of Weedin....It was originally a bed of gladiolias, but the HUGE grasshoppers came and took it over....ate all my flowers and all their leaves and when I tell you that grasshoppers gross me out....I mean very seriously grossed out....almost as bad as So once the grasshoppers took over I let them have it....I am not about to pull weeds and be jumped all over....YUK!
So anyway....I used all the color filters on my camera here....except my scenery
But you can at least see the color variance.
By the way Vivid is my favorite one.



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  1. Hey, you have some different settings than I've ready before. I bet it was fun testing them though.

    Oh, how funny that you do not like grasshoppers! lol...i didn't know they ate Gladiolas.