Tuesday, December 30, 2008

End of the Year..feeling a little nostalgic....

I know, I hate when I get this way....lol I was just thinking about all the New Year's Eve parties that my parents used to go to and we loved it because we got to stay with a baby sitter....very rarely did they go anywhere that we didn't get to go, so it was sort of a treat to get to stay home with out the parents....lol And we always used to tell them bye as they leave and say "See y'all next year!" lol We used to think that was the funniest thing! Yes, we were pretty cheesey kids...lol
But it was fun....what was special that you used to do around this time of year? Let me know, leave me a comment....
Well, I am going to scrap a few recipes that I wanted to share with my family and my daughter...
and I have to scrap the Christmas pictures of us at my mom's for my mom's bragbook. TTFN!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

It's a Lazy Sunday here in Texas...

We slept til 10:30 this morning...I don't know why...I guess we were just flat tired. lol I did manage to scrap a few more pages yesterday. I was a guest CT for Connie Prince's DigiDivas for the month of December and I had a blast using all her beautiful kits...you can check her out at GottaPixel.net I am sure you will find something that will suit your fancy! lol
Here are a couple pages that I made last night....
This is my daughter, I swiped this picture from her friends MySpace...lol But it is soo cute. I used Connie's Tutti Frutti Kit for this fresh page!

This is my daughter again with her boyfriend at Christmas...she looks happy here...I love to see her smiling! :) I used Connie's Color My World-Revved Up Red Kit for these next two pages...it is a fun kit that works wonderful on Black and white photos or on color ones.
This is a picture of all of us together at my mom's house on Christmas Eve. We had Christmas dinner in her game room/garage...lol
Hugs and thanks for looking,

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Ok, here are a ton of pages I stayed up Monday night and scrapped to fill up an album for my mother in law for Christmas...we gave it to her today and she loved it!
I used several kits by BoolandDesigns and Connie Prince to make all these...

This one was by Connie Prince-at GottaPixel.net called Celebrate Birthdays Kit.
This one was by COnnie Prince too, Homemade Memories...

This one was from Booland called June Birthstone kit.

This one was using COnnie Prince's Celebrate Birthdays kit..

This one was a Booland kit called Treasures...
This one was by Connie Prince called O Holy Night...

This one was by Booland Designs...called Daybreak...

This one was called High Claire by Boolanddesigns...

This one is called Play, Laugh, Grow by Connie Prince...

This kit is called July Birthstone by BoolandDesigns.

This is the Play, Laugh, Grow kit by Connie Prince again...lol

This kit was called Celestial by BoolandDesigns...

This kit was called Apple Orchard By Booland Designs...

This kit was called Daybreak by Booland Designs...

I used the same kit for the next two pages...it was called It's All Relative by Connie Prince...

Enjoy the holidays y'all!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Good Sunday Morning...

So far anyway...I have a horrible cold and my throat is very sore...and to top it off I have no voice...but thankfully I can still type...lol
Hope your Christmas break is a good one and your Christmas is a blessed one. We are going to mom's on Christmas Eve, but we will be home on Christmas Day to see what Santa brought the kids...lol
I managed to scrap a few pages yesterday...as you will see below! I was having fun...then my cold medicine kicked in and I got sleepy..lol

This is my Christmas card this year...I didn't have a picture with all of us on it so I improvised a little. I used a great kit called "Christmas traditional" by Rina Kroes....it is fabulous.

This page was made using a fabulous freebie from KolorScapez...too cute! And you know how I love snowmen.
This page was made using a great kit by BoolandDesigns called "Night Visions" You can find it at BoolandDesign.com
This page I made using the Cozy Christmas Quick PAges by Connie Prince at Gotta Pixel.net
This page I made using more of the freebies from Kolor Scapez...she has some adorable goodies over there...
I was using all the kits I have for at least one page...that way I can justify downloading them all...and with the Christmas Blog Trains running my hard drive is groaning everytime I find a new one...lol
Well, I guess I will get off here and get some more work done...I have a stack of stuff to get done over the holiday, plus I need to buy Christmas presents....uggghhhh!
Hugs for now,

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Does anyone read this?

Sometimes I feel like I am talking to myself...even when there are people in the room...lol
Today I am going to show off some pages I scrapped and the fabulous kits that I used for them....
This is a page I made of Ryleigh helping me decorate the tree...all three little ones helped me...

I used Booland Designs Kit called "Yuletide" for this page...

You can find it here.
This is Ryan helping me...

I used Another fabulous kit by BoolandDesigns, but it isn't realeased yet so keep your eyes peeled for it...it is called "Santas"
This is Ethan helping too...

I used Merry Days kit by BoolandDesigns for this one....it is perfectly sparkly! ANd stop by her blog for the fabulous freebie samplers to match these kits!
These are my three little kids' fall school pics this year...

I used Boland designs kit called "High Claire" for this page! Beautiful kit!
This is amanda's fall pic too, and I used Booland Designs kit called "Into the Blue" for it, but it isn't released yet either.

This is Alex's fall pics too...
I used Jubilee by BoolandDesigns for this page.
This is Ryan and TJ playing when TJ came to visit us.
I used Connie Prince's Birds of A Feather kit for the next two pages.
This is my mom and her boyfriend-dan.
This is a fabulous freebie page by Amy Wall....I just love the whimsical elements of it...

Gotta run, the tub is overflowing now,

Saturday, December 6, 2008

What a nice day...I did nothing at all...lol

Do you need a day like that? I actually could use several of them..but one will do for now...lol
My son and I are busy baking brownies and making rice krispy treats....he and my hubby are craving sweets on a saturday night...lol
I was trying to scrapbook a bit earlier today, but I kept getting interupted...lol
Have you been to Myscrapshop.com lately? We have a LOT of great challenges and some fun downloads and lots and lots of new kits in the store. If you are getting ready for the holidays you will love some of the fabulous kits in the store right now! And we have some awesome new printable goodies to help with your holidays too.
Stop by later and stay a while!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Where Oh Where Did My Week Go?

Do you ever feel like your life is just flying by? Mine is in warp speed these days...I have sooo much that I wanna get done but no time to get it all done. Does anyone have time for sale? lol
I have made a new kit this week, finally...I am not nearly as fast as a gew people I know but I am efficient...lol
Hopefully you all will like it...I am headed to make a cool freebie to give away to promote it too.
Well, I will run for now so I can get the freebie made and uploaded.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

My week is flying by...

I wanted my Thanksgiving break to take longer so I could rest more...but it is flying by so far...
Did you all get to shop today? I really didn't have the extra dough right now, so I decided to just wait and not have to engure those lines and crowds with the bad attitudes...lol
I was designing a little bit earlier today, but I am not finished yet...hopefully I will get the kit finished and uploaded to the store tomorrow...
I took lots of great pictures the last couple of days so I will have plenty to scrap now...lol
Don't forget the challenges at MSS this week...lots of them end in a couple days and they will be starting over for next month...
Over at Booland Challenge blog there is also a great color challenge there too.
I wanted to take a minute to record exactly what I am thankful for these days...My family, of course...my dd seems so much happier these days and is doing very well at her job...My son is plugging away at his senior year....the three little ones are doing good...my step daughter is doing good in school too...and my step son is still working on his job...Hubby is waiting to be released from the doctor at the end of next month and may already have a job lined up....
I am thankful that I am at least in mediocre health these days, nothing life threatening...
I am also thankful for my job, it is all that is keeping our boat afloat right now....we are having a rough time, but I know that God hears us and will shelter us from the storms just as he cares for the sparrows...
I am thankful that God looks over us...and provides us with blessings at just the right times.
And I am thankful that you all stop by occasionally to read my ranting and ravings...lol
Hugs for now,

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday is here....

There is a huge sale with 60% off most of the goodies there today...go check it out, my templeates are 80 cents and my dollar bin is only 40 cents...have fun!

Are you ready to shop? I know I am! lol

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wow, its Wednesday....

I am so shocked it is already here...I have to call my doctor today and get my results from all the bloodwork, and xrays they took the other day. Keep your fingers crossed or pray or think good thoughts for me today.

On another note I made my cupcake for MSS' birthday celebration...I used Pillowgirl's Be kit to scrap it with...it was very fun!
Now I want to make some more....and I want to make a bragbook page or two for the exchange there too...Sounds like lots of fun....the post below shows all the details and has the links to it all.
We would love for you to play too, come join us!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Our 1st Birthday at MSS!

LOTS of fun at MyScrapShop this week....for our 1st birthday celebration!

Click here to take you directly to the post where you sign up.
Or if you want something a little easier try this fun challenge!

Click here to go to the post to sign up.
Drop by and enjoy our special time of the year with us, that's what families do! lol
Hugs for now,

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Is it a Tremendous Tuesday....?

I made a freebie to share too...It matches the color challenge at SAS...
I named it after my oldest daughter...she has a job and she likes it. She seems so much happier these days...
So I named the kit with happy colors after her...lol
Here is the link to it...
I hope you enjoy it...and leave me some love too....
Also don't forget that MSS has a birthday this week....they will be turning one! And our fun weekly chat is at 8:00 PM CST and 9:00 pm EST...and join in all the fabulous challenges this week too, they have some wonderful posting gifts!
Hugs for now!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday is a day of resting and peace...

I am so glad today was a simple day with no major ordeals...Saturday was nice too. We got to see both of our bigger kids this weekend, both days...it was good to spend time with them. We all ate a big dinner today too....chicken, corn, potatoes, gravy and biscuits...YUM, now we are all miserable...lol
This week there is alot going on too...thursday the 13th at 8:00 pm CST is the MSS chat...and the 15th is the first birthday of MSS...I can't beleive it has already been a year....wow.
Don't forget to stop by and join in all the fun challenges...they all have great participation prizes too....
Well, I am headed over to play with my other blog. I am trying to figure out how to change the background and the like to something else...it was driving me crazy earlier today...lol
Hugs for now,

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Well, here we are again.

Glad tomorrow is Friday! It has been a long week. Lots of stuff going on. Not fun stuff either. But it is all almost finished.
Tonight is the chat at MyScrapShop.com Stop by and join us, we have soooo much fun and there are always LOTS of freebies! The whole gang will be there.
It starts at 8:00 pm CST...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

WHY? Do I feel like I lost something really important?

Oh, yeah, that's right, I did...I voted and we lost...and now I am so fearful that we will lose even greater than we did last night. All I can do at this point is pray that our system of checks and balances will keep, what I consider an idiot, from running our country into the ground. Seven years ago our country called on God in our time of need...now it seems we have turned our backs on him....?
"Lord forgive them, for they know not what they do." (from Jesus' mouth)
I am headed to work now with a sad and downtrodden heart...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Good Morning Yall!

Well, here we are on Tuesday morning...ready to vote for the future leader of our country....Did you vote today? I am going to vote after work....I live too far from my home to vote anytime until then. I wouldn't have time to run all the way back to our precinct.
But today is the day! So gooooo vote!
Well, I gotta get to work now...so have fun! Talk to yall later!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

C'est La Vie....

That's Life.....gosh is that the truth....our team lost the Homecoming game by 3 points friday night...it was a very close, great game, but then life just happens....lol
I took over 80 pictures of the game and homecoming ceremonies...way too many to load here, but I will share a few of them with you...then I will share the OLD video that I found that matches my title of this post...

Also, we have some great activities at MyScrapShop.com today...lots of fun stuff going on all week long with some great sales...and some really fun games and challenges.

Here is the silly video...gotta love that 80's hair....lol
Robbie Nevil - C’est La Vie lyrics

Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Friday Mornin' to ya...

I am so glad it is Friday....it has been the longest week here....it has also been the exit level TAKS exams for my two older kids, please pray that they passed them. And it was our homecoming week at the high school....and it was DARE to keep kids off drugs week at both the elementary and intermediate schools....EVERYDAY has been awful here....lol We have all had to dress up in some way, shape, or form this week. Today is "Blue and Gold" day for the homecoming game. We are all supposed to dress up in all blue and gold...there will be some strange children at school today with face paint and the whole nine yards....lol
But on a down side it will be soooooo rowdy it is awful....
We had a blast again last night at the MSS Chat....I counted one time and there were 36 people in the chat room....at one time! But we had so much fun....I meowed using the sound function on the menu bar for the chat room, and I got all kinds or rowdiness stirred up....lol Lots of slapping, whipping, barking, and meowing went off...lol
There are tons of new products released this week too...stop by MSS to check them out...they are on sale for 24 hours to boot, so run on over to get a good deal. The downloads for the chat were fabulous too!
This is my newest kit this week. Its a mini kit and is priced great...it even comes with a quick page in the kit for you to throw those pics of your goblin in and print away. As you can tell my daughter is a kitty nut so everything has kitty eyes...lol

Hope you like it. This is Ryan and Ryleigh and their scary faces several years ago....I just love this picture of them...lol

Don't forget to check out my kit from last week called "Down on the Farm" lol It is full of silly farm animals....
Hugs for now,