Monday, August 27, 2007

First day of school....

Woooohooo....glad that headache is over. I got called to sub on the first day of, that was quick....but it was a real blessing, now I can quit at Bealls. YAY! I was worried about a job and now I can fill in for this teacher until they get one hired....much better pay and better hours. Plus I get to see my kids all day.
So I am feeling much better today. Out of my funk....of course I whole class full of teenagers will keep you out of a funk, you don't have time to be in
Well, I better get my kids ready for tomorrow and my clothes ready for school tomorrow!
Big Hugs,

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Good morning....

I finally finished the birthday party pictures....not done much else except look for a job!
Got hired at Beall's, not thrilled about that...working for 6.50 an hour is like minimum wage....with a Bachelor's Degree....ridiculous! Its only part time so we will see how it goes.

I made all these using the Delicious Kits made by Sarah Meyer, Kathryn Mhire, and Lynne Simmons at
Hugs for now,

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Scrapday....using fun kits...

My mom and my best friend-Charlotte
I used Kathryn Mhire's Delicious Kit

Tracy, Claude, & Cassie
I used Kathryn Mhire's Delicious Kit

Claudette & Charlotte
I used Kathryn Mhire's Delicious Kit

Apple Pie Recipe
I used Kathryn Mhire's Delicious Kit, Lynne Simmons Delicious Kit, & Sarah Meyers Delicious Kit.

Apple Pie Crust Recipe
I used Kathryn Mhire's Delicious Kit, Lynne Simmons Delicious Kit, & Sarah Meyers Delicious Kit.

My mom and my Aunt Pauline, and Vicky & Sheria Kay.
A great quick page freebie, but I can't find where I got it...I will keep
Fruit Dip Recipe
I used Kathryn Mhire's Delicious Kit, Lynne Simmons Delicious Kit, & Sarah Meyers Delicious Kit.

Applesauce Cake Recipe
I used Kathryn Mhire's Delicious Kit, Lynne Simmons Delicious Kit, & Sarah Meyers Delicious Kit.
Austin Lanee
I used Kathryn Mhire's Delicious Kit, Lynne Simmons Delicious Kit, & Sarah Meyers Delicious Kit.
I used J Burkhart's Quick page for this page.
I used Tina Williams and Hummie's Kits for this page.

Colton & Aerrielle
I used JBurkhart's Quick Page for this one.

Sunday, August 19, 2007 I am again....

My step son-last years pic....
I used Michelle Swadling's Star Student Kit for this layout...

me and my RC....Ryleigh Cathryn....
I used Sarah meyers Delicious Quick Page and embellishments for this was for the Gottta Be Quick hallenge...

this was the kids birthday party at their dad's in Iowa last summer...
I used Sarah Meyers Quickpage from the Sundress Sweetie Kit...July's Gotta Be quick Challenge.

Me- love the hair...totally 80's.
I used Michelle Swadling's Star Student Kit on this page.
Hugs, and Good night....I gotta get some rest....

More Recipe cards....

I don't have time for the credits right this minute...I will add them later....I am headed to take my bath and get dressed so I will add them later!

Hope you like them all....

Friday, August 17, 2007

My recipe's...

My latest project in my string of A.D.D. things to

I used Sarah Meyers Sundress Sweetie Kit...

I used Sarah Meyers Silk Flowers & Sweet Daisies Kits...

I used Kay miller's Barnyard Dance kit..

I used Tenessa Allen's Academia 2nd EditionKit

I used Kay Miller's Fat Quarter Bundle-Cherry blossoms kit.

Hugs for now, more of them later,

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I was busy the other day....

Ethan, TJ, Alex, Amanda, and Austin...
I used Tenessa Allen' Academia 2nd Edition Kit at
I made this page for the gotta flip it challenge at gottapixel.

I used Michelle Pieters Teenage memories Kit at and I made this page for the Ad-spiration Challenge at gottapixel

I used Kay Miller paper and the rest of the goodies are from Susan Cleeves Kit.
this page I made for the I want to talk about me challenge at gottapixel, we had to make a page about our favorite thing....could be anything that we liked...
I used Tenessa allen's Academia 2nd Edition Kit at

Here I used charms that i made and a tag I made using Tina Williams paper, and the ribbon I made using Christine Smith Ribbon templates. Hummie's background paper and torn paper. And I used atomic cupcake's gemstone and silver actions to make the charms.

I used Michelle Pieters teenage memories kit for this it was made for the Blueprint challenge by Monica Mcgill.

Here is a page I made usinf Sweet Daisies Kit by Sarah Meyers at was for a challenge to do a double page spread about your name.

Thanks for looking,

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Yep, its almost school time...

One more week of sleeping in, and hanging out in our pj's all
Amanda had Fish Camp today...thats where they inform the freshmen about high school and have an orientation for now we have four kids in high school...YIKES!
And we had a great birthday dinner with my mom last night, her birthday was Monday....I will share those pictures on my other blog.....(
And I made a few cute little charms to put with our Summer Things kit....go to the link below to download them...4shared seemed to be down today so I uploaded to another place....

Hope you enjoy them! Leave me some love here and let me know what you think!
Big Hugs!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Free Template....

Here is a template I made using the sketch in Scrapbooks Etc.'s Aug/Sept is the layout on page 53 of the issue.

It looked like I made it up and then I scrapped it using Michelle Pieter' Teenage Memories Kit at the colors and to her kit is here...

Here is the link to go grab the template....leave me some love....


Busy scrapping last night....

Anthony's Mom's family.

Anthony's Mom's Side of the family.

My mom's senior portraits.

My great aunt Della.

Anthony's Dad's side of the family.
All these pages were created using Lynne Simmons Kits- Days Gone By & Cardboard pieces. You can find her kits here at ( )
Thanks for looking!

Ok....I am trying to fix the links...

I don't know what the issue is with 4shared this time....but I am redoing them....
****SORRY, Link has expired****
I don't understand what was wrong before....there were about 55 to 70 downloads on most of them so they started out working? lol
Anyhow, maybe now they will work. If not please let me know and I could load them some where else...

Friday, August 10, 2007

Freebie---Add on to Summer Things....

Here is link to some extras that I made for the Summer Things kit....
****SORRY, Link has expired****
The quick page is in the post is also added to the zip.
Don't forget the first parts of the kit on this post: