Wednesday, April 30, 2008

YAY! Its Wednesday!!!!

We made it to hump day….
I am so glad the week is half over, and April is SOOOOO gone now…May means just one more month of school and getting up at 5:15 am…I will soooo gladly sleep til 7 am…lol Wooohooo, join me for a little woohoo dance now….
Ok, now that I got that out of my system…I might be ok.
Oh and Saturday is………….National Scrapbook Day….or International Scrapbook Day…we are having a chat with the MSS Gang at DST on Saturday at 1:00 pm EST…
Pillowgirl and the Gang have tons of freebies and sales and lots of fun games to play! Mark your calendar, set your alarm, text yourself, do whatever you need to do so you don’t forget to join us and all the fun!
I was wandering through the store today and found a few awesome kits to share with you…
The first kit is by MCA Designs: Counting Flies is toooo cute!
It is here:

The next cool thing I found was by our newest designer: Triplett Designs…she has the MOST awesome brushes…and they are for personal or commercial use…I can think of many uses for them! Go here to get them:
And the next cool thing is by SirScrapalot, it is the Journalers, Ready Made…it will take some of the work to journal your pages away.
Go here to get them:

I love this layout for Eirene’s Scraplift Challenge:

It looks fabulous!
Join her for this great scraplift event here:

Are you lost on how to do something? has all sorts of great tutorials to help you out…go here to check them all out…
For new users and those with more experience. And if you have a great tip or tutorial to share please go add it to the list!
Well I guess I better get busy making stuff, I have a freebie up my sleeve here for Saturday…

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I feel strange posting so early....

I am posting Tuesday's post before 8:00 am....that has to be a first for me....

But I was up early and I scrapped the Desktop Challenge over at MCA Designs has a Desktop Mini Kit that is FABULOUS! and it is free...and it is sooo pretty....that I had to get up and scrap with

You can find her challenge here:
Go join the fun and get your desktop ready for May...I did!
And DONT forget to come chat with us on May 3rd, this Saturday at 1:00pm EST at the DST Chat room. There are LOTS of great freebies and sales galore! All of the MSS gang will be there so stop by and say HI!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday, Monday...are you singing with me..?

Monday is over for me...I am kicked back in my pj's watching the news...have you gotten your stimulus check yet? We haven't but when I do baby, I am gonna Don't forget to drop in at to spend some of yours...Lots of sales coming up...

I got lots of great info today for you...

First of all, DO NOT forget to join us on Saturday for the National Scrapbook Day Chat at DST...All of us at will be there...and we will have awesome freebies too, LOTS and LOTS of freebies! The fun starts at 1:00 pm EST...or noon here in

I got to scrap a bit on Sunday...I scrapped my friends picture using a kit by BoolandDesigns called Diane, you can find it over at Stone Accents Studios...

And the awesome template I used was by Sir ScrapaLot for his Template Challenge...Love this template...Also we have many other great challenges to get you scrappin, I have one called Spice Up Your Scraps: Recipe Challenge that has tasty

I have some awesome bunny pics that I have to scrap of my kids in their play last Thursday night. It was sooo cute and they were sooooo loud...All second graders and I was soooo shocked that they could sing that loud! They did a wonderful job!

I also made some great freebies for the NSD chat on Saturday at 1pm est...

There are also some great new kits at come on over and check them out!
Hugs for now so my hubby can get some sleep!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wednesday, is almost over...

Chat with Us for NSD!
National Scrapbooking Day is on Saturday, May 3rd. We will
be celebrating with the designers from My Scrap Shop by
hosting a chat at
Come play fun games and test your
scrapbooking and My Scrap Shop
knowledge. You can win a bunch of prizes.
Click here, we marked it on the calendar for you!

Don't forget to join us for a challenge or two, or three, or all of
April Members Design a Kit Challenge (began April 4):
The theme is Spring Weddings and New Beginnings.
Pillowgirl has added an extra incentive to this challenge,
go check in the forum.
• Spice Up Your Scraps Challenge (began April 6): Use the
kit provided and create a recipe card to swap with
everyone. There are already several entries to start cookin with.
• Scraplift with Eirene (began April 6): Eirene has selected
a fantastic layout to scraplift. All entries receive a prize
made by Eirene and it’s great!
• Art Challenge (began April 13th): Use artistic techniques provided by Scrappindove to
complete this layout challenge for a prize! It’s all about shapes this time.
• Word Challenge (began April 13th): SKrapper Digitals gives the word of the month and you
scrap it! See how many different ways folks all get inspired by the same word, and of course
you get a prize. This month’s word: Family.
• Template Challenge (began April 20th): The King of Templates, Sir Scrapalot will bring you a
great template to use in a layout. See how one template can be used to create many different
looks, plus you get free stuff!
• Desktop Challenge (begins April 27th): MCA Designs brings all the supplies, you make your
desktop for the next month. Create a work of art you can enjoy for a whole month and get all
the supplies for free.
• Font Challenge (begins April 27th): Move Fearlessly is a font-aholic. She is going to share
some great fonts and challenge you to broaden your type collection. Let’s see your funky

Oh, and don't forget to stop by the store and sign up for our Newsletter, it has fabulous freebies in it this week! And some great coupons too!
Movefearlessly Has some great kits on sale this week...I love the one called "Summer Sky"
It is so rich and gorgeous!
Click on this link to visit her store:
Her Blog is here:

Gosh, what else...My second issue of BeSafeChild is out now...Oh, and my kids are in a play tomorrow night. They are both bunnies! lol Can't wait for those
I sewed the bunny outfits today...My friend was up from Beaumont and we got to visit a bit.
I completed my OSHA trainig today at school. I have been busy. But now I am going to try to design a bit so I can have some awesome freebies to give away at NSD Chat....
So Bye for now and BIG hugs,

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Woah…what a busy week we have ahead of us…

As you all know my oldest daughter turns 18 this Thursday…I am so excited but also a little melancholy about getting old…it just seems like yesterday that she was born…she was soooo little. I am giving you all 18% off everything in my store at after you make your selections enter this coupon in the coupon code box and get 18% off your order…AUSTIN18
My store is here:

While you are there you might want to pick up the awesome sampler by Scrappindove that is free…
It is a sampler of her new kit “Little bit of Honey.” It is totally yummy!
Her store is here:
I know you will love her stuff, I do!

And don’t forget that on May 3rd is National Scrapbook Day…there is sure to be lots of buzz going around on that day…you gotta stop by our shop and chat with us…at 1:00pm EST there will be a Chat at the DST Chat room that will have lots of freebies and cool goodies plus just plain fun! Mark the date on your calendar and come join the fun!

And right now we have several fun challenges going on at
Here is the template challenge hosted by SirScrapaLot…it is a great template and very fun to use…and the posting bonus for it is FABULOUS! I am glad I am getting some pages done with these.

And here is the first one:

Come join in all the fun!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Terrific Thursday to you...

Hope it has been a great one for you. So far it has been pretty good at our house and at school too. It is a beautiful spring day and a good one for flying a kite too. Although the hair was a little wild…lol So I had that sexy wind blown super model hair today…lol Did you get that image in your head of my wild main? LoL!
Not a lot of stuff today…but I was window shopping at and saw the most awesome MegaKit today…it is called “A Pocket full of Posies” and it was created by Skrapper Digitals and Pillowgirl. It is sooooo pretty and cheerful…and I totally love the pockets too! They are adorable.

Go here to get it:

Then there is the Conrad Mega Collab Kit that has an awesome grab bag that is free this week only…

You can get the freebie here:

The kit is available here:

I also have a new kit called Summer Fun…It is full of cheer and bright colors to scrap those sunny summer fun pictures…it will work great for boys or girls..

You can find it here:

Don’t forget to stop by the forum and join in some of our fun games or the challenges…
You never know what you are gonna get while you are there…


Monday, April 14, 2008

Ready for some fun....

Ok...and their off............
Yes, it feels like a race around here...we stay in a hurry all day everyday....But here recently I have two projects that have been keeping me busy...
I am the new graphics/layout editor for BeSafe Child magazine...wooohooo...lots of work there for the 6 county area.

And over at MyScrapShop we are growing by leaps and bounds...Come by and check out all the excitement we have going on...

Sir Scrapalot and MCA Designs have started a whole series of Collab kits dedicated to their love of Broadway Musicals. The first kit, Conrad, has so many options you will use it over and over. Come see it while it is on sale price at (Also Sir Scrapalot and MCA have put their stores on sale. You should give them a quick look, you're sure to love their stuff!)

MoveFearlessly is celebrating and is giving a coupon good for 25% her digital scrapbooking designs. Check out her blog at

Come join our challenges at My Scrap Shop. This week we started the "Word Challenge" and the "Funny Moment Challenge" and there's a prize to participate. Get inspired at My Scrap Shop. And in case you missed last weeks Challenges they were, “Spice Up Your Scraps” with Digital Gator Designs and “Scraplift with Eirene”

Check out this layout that was nominated for the WOW Factor award at My Scrap Shop.
I particularly like it because that pucker is adorable and the colors are great and sooo feminine.

And check out the awesome VIP kit you get when you reach 100 posts at

Gorgeous isn’t it! LOL! The kit that is in there is a whopper of a kit and I promise you will love it!
Go join the forum and get busy posting! We would love to have you hang out with us on a daily basis or whenever you have time...
Big Hugs for now, I gotta get my new kits in the store and pass out a cool RAK to someone special...Will it be you? Leave me a comment and I will see...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I have been tagged! Cool!

You gotta love games....I am having fun...
Movefearlessly and Scrappindove have tagged me!
Her blog.
2. Rules:
1. Link to the person that tagged you and leave a comment.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Share 7 Random facts about yourself on your blog.
4. Tag 7 random people at the bottom of your post, linking to their blog. Let each person know by leaving a comment on their blog.
1. I am 5'9" tall...
2. I love to read and learn.
3. Halloween is my favorite holiday (its fun)
4. I love to sing.
5. I can't swim.
6. My DH says I am a dingy blonde.
7. I hate history but have a minor in it.
4. Now for the tagging links!
1. Eirene
2. MCA Designs
3. Pillowgirl
4. Scrapping Hideway
5. Sir Scrapalot
6. Skrapper Digital
7. Digital Gator
8.Scrappindove's Blog

Fun huh? You could be next...
If you are looking for more fun go to our store and check out the great sales and gorgeous kits!
Join the forum and play in our fun challenges there...
I am hosting a great one called "Spice Up Your Scraps" and we are making recipe cards to share and there is a great freebie to go with it so you can get started soon.

Come join the fun and check out those other blogs for more fun!