Wednesday, April 30, 2008

YAY! Its Wednesday!!!!

We made it to hump day….
I am so glad the week is half over, and April is SOOOOO gone now…May means just one more month of school and getting up at 5:15 am…I will soooo gladly sleep til 7 am…lol Wooohooo, join me for a little woohoo dance now….
Ok, now that I got that out of my system…I might be ok.
Oh and Saturday is………….National Scrapbook Day….or International Scrapbook Day…we are having a chat with the MSS Gang at DST on Saturday at 1:00 pm EST…
Pillowgirl and the Gang have tons of freebies and sales and lots of fun games to play! Mark your calendar, set your alarm, text yourself, do whatever you need to do so you don’t forget to join us and all the fun!
I was wandering through the store today and found a few awesome kits to share with you…
The first kit is by MCA Designs: Counting Flies is toooo cute!
It is here:

The next cool thing I found was by our newest designer: Triplett Designs…she has the MOST awesome brushes…and they are for personal or commercial use…I can think of many uses for them! Go here to get them:
And the next cool thing is by SirScrapalot, it is the Journalers, Ready Made…it will take some of the work to journal your pages away.
Go here to get them:

I love this layout for Eirene’s Scraplift Challenge:

It looks fabulous!
Join her for this great scraplift event here:

Are you lost on how to do something? has all sorts of great tutorials to help you out…go here to check them all out…
For new users and those with more experience. And if you have a great tip or tutorial to share please go add it to the list!
Well I guess I better get busy making stuff, I have a freebie up my sleeve here for Saturday…

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