Thursday, April 17, 2008

Terrific Thursday to you...

Hope it has been a great one for you. So far it has been pretty good at our house and at school too. It is a beautiful spring day and a good one for flying a kite too. Although the hair was a little wild…lol So I had that sexy wind blown super model hair today…lol Did you get that image in your head of my wild main? LoL!
Not a lot of stuff today…but I was window shopping at and saw the most awesome MegaKit today…it is called “A Pocket full of Posies” and it was created by Skrapper Digitals and Pillowgirl. It is sooooo pretty and cheerful…and I totally love the pockets too! They are adorable.

Go here to get it:

Then there is the Conrad Mega Collab Kit that has an awesome grab bag that is free this week only…

You can get the freebie here:

The kit is available here:

I also have a new kit called Summer Fun…It is full of cheer and bright colors to scrap those sunny summer fun pictures…it will work great for boys or girls..

You can find it here:

Don’t forget to stop by the forum and join in some of our fun games or the challenges…
You never know what you are gonna get while you are there…



  1. love your kit Claudette! great colors, very cheerful and happy

  2. Great stuff, love the bright colors.

  3. very fun kit!!! and yup that mega IS cute!!! also wanted to say love that pic on the top right - good lookin kids you have there!

  4. I really like that kit. The colors are really cool!

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