Monday, September 27, 2010

Good Morning!

Just a quick post of Jake's adorable photo last week...gotta love this

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Morning Rest...

Making my self a "To-do" list today and at the tippy top of it I am putting rest....seems like we go all week needing rest and looking forward to the weekend, then the weekend gets here and we spend it busy cleaning and working.  So when Monday morning rolls around we are still just as tired as we were on Friday
So my first task for today is to rest, then later we can work on the yard and pool, and what ever other chores we have.
I am dying to scrapbook, but haven't really had time.  I get on facebook and check on all my friends and my games and it is time for other stuff, I need a day with NOTHING to do in
IF wishes were fishes, we would live in a
I've seen some great sites while I was stumbling lately too, but haven't had time to share them...maybe I can get the list and post it here soon too.
My boys are pestering me to design them a car in Car Town so they can have a cool  I did a school mascot type design for one of my boys, now I have to do
Here they all are so far:

THis is my sprite is the milk truck on here.
This is my DigitalGator Designs truck, it was made from a Taco Truck.

This is my other ice cream truck, that is very  It says "THere is NO ice cream in Hell" on the

This is a VW Bug that I designed for our friend who wanted his favorite brand on

Got a few more but gotta run for now.
BIg hugs~