Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday morning blues…

Yes, that is my theme song today…lol Just dreading going to work again…but knowing that Spring Break is one week closer is going to make it ok…we have TAKS testing next week so this week will fly by because we all dread/hate that….lol

I did a few challenges at so that I could earn all the free kits….

This page was done using the Template Challenge…its a great template and easy to use…I used Sabrina Kit by Lauraskathi at Funky Playground for this page and one of Amanda’s self protraits…lol


This one was done using the Scraplift Challenge…I used Valorie Brown’s The Gift of Love kit for this page from Funky Playground.

It is Anthony and his son Dillion.


This is the font challenge-MC Sweet Hearts is the font, it is a fun one.  I used Rina Kroes Freebie QP for this page, it was made from her Smitten Kt.  It is Amanda and Anthony on the day that Dillion came to visit.


This is a page I made using one of my older kits…Called “Fall Beauty” It is my daughter and his son…they are about to 19 years old in a few days and 2 months.  Geez are we getting old…lol


This is my newest kit, called Crazy Luck…my daughters first income tax return…lol I will get this kit uploaded to the store today or tomorrow, depending on my internet connection…lol


This is made with the new kit for the challenges next month at  It is called “Read 2 Me'”  It should match the awesome book called “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” By Bill Martin Jr. My kids all loved that book.  March is doctor suess’ birthday so our theme is going to be “reading with me” to honor him…


Well, I have to run for now so I can get dressed for work..



Friday, February 20, 2009

It’s Friday Morning! YAY for Friday!

I am so glad it is Friday…I am sooooo tired and so thrilled that it is finally the end of the week…I have so much to do and I can’t miss work because we are so short on people these days…so I am stuck waiting until the weekend to get my stuff done.  My house is a mess and so is my life…lol  BUt with all that said…Thank God it is Friday!

Have you checked out the challenges at lately? We have lots of great ones to try and the prizes are fabulous!


Here are a few of them:

Template Challenge
Desktop Calendar Challenge
Quote Challenge
Focus on Photos Challenge
Font Challenge
Color Challenge

Here are a few more of the pictures my hubby has cartooned:


2_11_08 066 

  2_11_08 013

He did a great job on these! Love us a comment! He likes the encouragement…lol

Hugs for now,


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Working on stuff…

I was feeling greatly inspired today, but not very focused.  I was also in a cleaning mood, but lacked the initiative to get going on that…lol

I think they say “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” So at this rate I should be almost there…lol  I had so many great ideas.  I almost need a notepad to write all my ideas on so I don’t lose them forever…or one of those little voice recorder things so I will at least look important…or crazy for talking to myself…lol

Anyhow, I scrapped a couple pages today so I will share them with you.  And I need to get Anthony’s latest works of art to share too. Except for the one of me! lol 

These first two pages were made using my newest kit called “Crazy Love”  it it available at 

The first page is my new niece “Lilly” Isn't she a sweetie?


This page is my Step-daughter-Amanda…one of her self portraits…


Here is my kit and the add on frames.  And there is a cute mini kit to add on for free…go check them out!

 crazylovepreviewweb crazylove_clusterframesWEB PreviewCrazyLoveFreebie

Then I scrapped these two pages of my hubby cutting the boys hair… I used Colie’s Corner Kit called Shy Guy and the second page is using City Boy kit, and the brag book exchange kit at GP.BackYardBarberShopWEB anthonybuzzcutWEB

This is a page I made to play in Hummie’s World Challenge for creative use of an Ampersand…very fun idea. Come join us! I used Lauraskathi’s kit called Laetiticia from Funky Playground for this page of our evil but cute kitty-angel…lol


I have to get back to work now so I will keep this short and sweet.  Hoping for a great day tomorrow, may the wind be at our backs and God’s blessings be many.



Saturday, February 14, 2009

It’s Friday, It’s Friday, It’s FRIDAY!

(doing the happy dance, in big crazy steps) LOL! Can you tell I am glad it is Friday?  Even if it is Friday the 13th, it is still a welcomed event…lol  Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and my hubby cooked supper for me tonight…How sweet is that?  we have just been bums this evening and not done one thing…lol BUt, it is ok, because……………….

ITs Friday!

LOL  I did get a few more pages scrapped too…

This is my brother as a boy/teenager….you gotta love the hair! 80’s all the way. I used Colie’s Corner, Brenda Miller, and DigiSweetScraps colabs for the bragbook exchange for this page. you can find them at


This is my dd-ryleigh…working on her homework.

I used Pillowgirl’s Maia’s Garden kit for this page. You can find it at


This is my newest niece-Lilly Renee…she is a sweetie too! I used the Pansy Page kit by Dragon’s Lair Designs for this page and her Cluster Pack 1.  You can find it at




Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wowy Wednesday!

We are half way there again! I can’t wait until the weekend…lol  The weeks are so long sometimes.  I dread going to work each day, and I am very glad at the end of the day when I can go home. 

I called home yesterday to talk to my hubby and see if I needed anything from the store before I headed home, (trying to save gas) and he said “just a couple things.”  Then I asked what he was dong and he said he was “Photoshopping.”  How is that for rubbing it in my face….I am stuck at work all day, and he is at home playing with Photoshop!  The world is very unfair.  And very cruel! lol 

So here are a few of his creations over the last few days…The cartoon version he made and the originals…

His first one was his son TJ…he did really good on it!

holidays08 002

This is my son Alex…

jan3109 019

This is his daughter Amanda…

August2008 026

This is my daughter Austin…

austin Picture 0048

This is my brother Claude…

sept2008 009

This is my mom…

christmas2008 037

Our nephew Noah…

August2008 114

This is our son Ryan.

  August2008 020

This is his sister…Lillian.

wooddellreunion 062        

If you want to learn to cartoon go to and check out her fabulous tutorial!

And don’t forget to stop my MYSCRAPSHOP.COM tomorrow night so you can chat with us…


Hugs for now,


Monday, February 2, 2009

Fabulous February Morn’ to ya!

No, I am not Irish, well I am a 1/4, but you sure wouldn’t hear it through my DEEEEP Southern Drawl…lol  I was busy all weekend and I still have several things that I wanted to do but they will have to wait til later today…lol  I did pull off a few pages though.  Plus we all just hung out and all in all it was a nice weekend…no one fussing and arguing, and I enjoyed it for a change…lol What did you all do this weekend?  I bet several of you watched the superbowl…the steelers won.  I really didn’t care who won, but I am not a big fan of the steelers from all the years of being a Houston Oiler fan…lol

There is a beautiful blog train that I ran across this weekend and the kits are soooo yummy…. 

And the fun is back at MSS! We are back on our schedule for the weekly chats! The first one is this Thursday Night at 8…there are games and great freebies so pop over and chat a bit!


And here are the faboulous challenge prizes for Febraury too.


Join us in a few challenges this month…there are several to pick from…

Lyrical Challenge
Monthly Theme Challenge
ABC’s of Macro
Scraplift Challenge
Shapes n More
Through the Lens
All About the Elements

I did the desktop challenge yesterday, it was fun…


I used a cute little kit from COnnie Prince called Sweethearts for the page.  The font was P22 Zaner One. 

Then I scrapped a cute little bragbook freebie from Ladybug pages too…it is such a cute kit!


TonyWEB AmandaWEB anthonyNme2009WEB anthonyWEB  daddygrandmaWEBNoahWayneWEBryanandryleighWEB

This is my try at an O.O.B. Layout…the stuff in the back of them distracted from the picture, so I cut it off…lol  I used some of Booland Designs CU Paper Overlays to make the background paper for this page and then I used the awesome Touch of Orient elements that were in my Artisan Notebook this month.


This is my son playing with his camera in our back yard…lol teenagers are so strange sometimes…lol  I played “First To’s” with Hummie at DSS group this weekend and the challenge was to show a page with Explore as a title….lol  So I scrapped this one in about 15 minutes….I think that is a record somewhere…lol  I used a cute kit called ON Safari by Colie’s Corner at for this one.  And the font is Grilled Cheese BTN Toasted.


Then she challenged us to show a page with a definition on it…so I whipped this one up of my mom and dad…I used Romantic Reflections kit by Vickey Morrissey at Scrapbook Elements for this page and the font is Old Typewriter.


Well, I guess I have to get ready for work and finish drinking my coffee now.  Hopefully today is a smooth one for me….whatever that is…lol