Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wowy Wednesday!

We are half way there again! I can’t wait until the weekend…lol  The weeks are so long sometimes.  I dread going to work each day, and I am very glad at the end of the day when I can go home. 

I called home yesterday to talk to my hubby and see if I needed anything from the store before I headed home, (trying to save gas) and he said “just a couple things.”  Then I asked what he was dong and he said he was “Photoshopping.”  How is that for rubbing it in my face….I am stuck at work all day, and he is at home playing with Photoshop!  The world is very unfair.  And very cruel! lol 

So here are a few of his creations over the last few days…The cartoon version he made and the originals…

His first one was his son TJ…he did really good on it!

holidays08 002

This is my son Alex…

jan3109 019

This is his daughter Amanda…

August2008 026

This is my daughter Austin…

austin Picture 0048

This is my brother Claude…

sept2008 009

This is my mom…

christmas2008 037

Our nephew Noah…

August2008 114

This is our son Ryan.

  August2008 020

This is his sister…Lillian.

wooddellreunion 062        

If you want to learn to cartoon go to and check out her fabulous tutorial!

And don’t forget to stop my MYSCRAPSHOP.COM tomorrow night so you can chat with us…


Hugs for now,


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