Saturday, February 14, 2009

It’s Friday, It’s Friday, It’s FRIDAY!

(doing the happy dance, in big crazy steps) LOL! Can you tell I am glad it is Friday?  Even if it is Friday the 13th, it is still a welcomed event…lol  Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and my hubby cooked supper for me tonight…How sweet is that?  we have just been bums this evening and not done one thing…lol BUt, it is ok, because……………….

ITs Friday!

LOL  I did get a few more pages scrapped too…

This is my brother as a boy/teenager….you gotta love the hair! 80’s all the way. I used Colie’s Corner, Brenda Miller, and DigiSweetScraps colabs for the bragbook exchange for this page. you can find them at


This is my dd-ryleigh…working on her homework.

I used Pillowgirl’s Maia’s Garden kit for this page. You can find it at


This is my newest niece-Lilly Renee…she is a sweetie too! I used the Pansy Page kit by Dragon’s Lair Designs for this page and her Cluster Pack 1.  You can find it at




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