Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wow…we are half done again…

It is already Wednesday and I am sooo excited.  I had today off to take my hubby to the doctor so it was an ok day for me.  I scrapped a little bit last night…it was so fun.  And I did get to surf just a few minutes while I was hanging out watching them torture him…lol

This was a great little brag book freebie that was made by Janel called Que Sera Sera….which I think means “Thats Life” lol

I used some of the random photos that I haven’t scrapped yet and that I wanted for my bragbook.

TonyPat2008WEB me2008WEBAlexB4Aftr2008WEB TonyLaptopWEBAustinRyan2009WEBmeryleigh2008WEBmepage2008WEBNewyearseve2008AmandaWEB

This is a great quick page freebie by Gypsy Couture called “Forget Me Not” and it was so fabulous that I had to have it…lol…I used the Grilled Cheese Toasted BTN Wide font for the grafitti title…I love this page and I can’t wait for SIL to see it…(these are her babies)


Our family get together picture…we went to his dad’s house and this was part of my kids, some of them didn’t go with us, so it was just half of them.  The kit I used was called “Sweet Couture” by Laura  Burger…it is available at  I had a great time with all the fun elements in it.  I used Segoe Print font for the date.


The kids and my hubby at his dad’s house last Saturday.  I used Sarah B. Meyers’ kit called Snuggle Up from for this page.  The font is Grilled Cheese Toasted BTN Wide.


This is a page of my dad when he was little, with his sister, and their grandpa.  I had to repair the photo, it was severely damaged. I used my kit called Heritage Scraps to make this page.  The font is P22 Cezanne.  It is kind of funny that the font is a scribbler one like my daddy’s handwriting.


This is my nephew’s son Noah, with his great great grandmother.  I love this picture.  The page is a quick page with the kit “Lovers glade” by FMC Designs at Digital Arts Cafe. 


My week 3 of the project 365 layout.  It was made with the kit called “Behind the reeds.”  It is a collab kit by Tinnette, Manue, Gwenn, & Symphonie.  They are at DigiScrapbooking Boutique.


This is my MIL and SIL, last Saturday.  I used a cute little freebie mini kit from Scrap Orchard called Beautiful World.  It was made by Krystal Hartley.  I love the fun colors and the flowers are fab!


I have a fun challenge I am going to participate in at MSS…the desktop one is a must right now, because I just realized that Sunday is February already! 

Here is the link to it so you can join me: 

I will post mine tomorrow or Friday…

HUgs for now!


Monday, January 26, 2009

Have you ever....

Just wanted to run away? lol Sometimes I think we all need to just for our sanity's I tried to scrap a little bit this weekend. I didn't get a lot of "real" scrappin done, but I did use a few of the freebie bragbooks that I have downloaded lately to drop a few of my pictures in and add a name and date to...if you count those I scrapped about 15 pages this weekend. If you count the ones that I put all together, then I only scrapped
But we made a road trip over to see the hubby's dad and step mom, and several of his brothers and sisters. We had a good day and the trip was alright too. I took lots of pictures (60 to be exact) lol So now I will have more to And on my to-do list this week is my next 2 weeks of project 365 layouts...
And speaking of many of you have missed a day on your project 365? I have missed 2, but I had taken several the day before or after so I just used them. Although one of them wasn't really missed, I just forgot about it until about 12:30 that it is dated wrong but technically I was still on the same day...even if the clocks weren't! lol
I began a couple of the challenges at MSS, but I didn't get them finished. I will have to work on them today and get them posted. Go here to join us for a challenge.
My hubby has been having me teach him a few things in Photoshop the last couple days...he is a quick study too. He is playing with the cartooning of some of the kids photos. He has made several of them into cartoons and is doing a really good job with it. I am very impressed with his skill. I will try to get those posted this week too.
If you want to try your hand at it check out and she has some fabulous tutorials on there to help you learn to draw and color using photoshop.
Well, I guess I will run for now...gotta get some work done...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Half way to no where…

Wow, we are half way through the week already…I am glad, but I have so many things to do….what is on your agenda today? 

I have plans on working on a few layouts.  There are some really awesome challenges at that I am dying to do.  The free kit is fabulous for participating.  Drop by the forum and check them out.  There are several different ones to pick from or just do all of them! lol 

We have testing today at school, ughhhh, it is a Mock TAKS test…to basically get them ready for the actual and important ones the first week of March.  But it is sooooo boring!  lol

Anyhow, here are a couple pages I made Monday…

This page is my daughter Austin, at Thanksgiving when she came to visit us.  I used Vickey Morrissey’s Romantic Reflections Kit for it, and you can find it at

austin11252008 (2)

This is me…my hubby took these of me while I was trying to get a little bit of work done. I used the fabulous borders from LAura Burger’s Kate’s Imagination Kit.  And the papers are from Gotta Pixels’ January Pixel pack.


This is my sweetie Ryleigh and her first cupcake baking adventure…she had lots of helpers…lol  I used Tea Party Collaboration Kit by Mad Scrappper designs and Stacy Carlson at  The font is called Pink Flamingo, and I love how fun it is.


I used Vickey Morrissey’s Romantic Reflections Kit for this page of me and my little brother, and you can find it at


This is a page that I just had to vent on….somedays it is like that…so if you read it please don’t think I am selfish, but more or less just tired. lol  I used BoolandDesigns kit called Little Black Dress for this page, you can find it at


This is a fabulous freebie quick page that I downloaded from Vanilla Designs…..I LOVE the pink and black!


I used Tea Party Collaboration Kit by Mad Scrappper designs and Stacy Carlson at for this page of Ryleigh. 


This was another freebie page that I downloaded…I forgot who made it and I do not have time to look right now but  I will…because it was soooo cute…this is my cousin and her hubby of 18 years or so….they make the cutest couple.  I ripped her picture off her myspace…lol


I used Vickey Morrissey’s Romantic Reflections Kit for this page of anthony’s great aunt Nolie.  Don’t you just love the hat. 


I used Vickey Morrissey’s Romantic Reflections Frames Kit for this page and her gorgeous new papers too! The papers are so pretty you don’t want to put anything over them! lol  This is my hubby’s Grannie and grandpa in about the 1970’s.


Wow, that was more than I remember, but there were several from Sunday too!  LOL

Well, I guess I will go for now.  Hope your day is a splendid one!



Sunday, January 18, 2009

Super Duper Sunday in J’ville!

Wow, I am so glad it is Sunday and we have tomorrow off for MLK day…we needed a three day weekend very bad.  I am tired of these long weeks and no real rest time.  I feel like I am being abused…lol


My first week layout of the 365 challenge.

Here is the second week page that matches it…


I did manage to get one photo after midnight so it ended up with the wrong date…lol But it was still that day to me…so I say it counts.  I have been pretty good with remembering to take pics each day.  Some days it is difficult to find something else to take a pic of…lol

Stop by our site to join us for some other fun challenges this week,

Hugs for now,


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Is it Friday yet?

I am sooo ready for friday this week! It is cold and I didn't want to wear stupid cold dress clothes or get out in the cold to go to work Even though my hubby did go out and start my car for was still ridiculous to have to go out and freeeeeeeze that Yes, I know I am whining especially since I live in Texas and "really cold" here only means in the 20's...I used to live in Iowa and frequently saw minus numbers so I do know what cold is, which is part of the reason I moved back Well, that is enough whining for the day...
I have two or three pages I was in the middle of scrapping yesterday amoung other things so just maybe I can get a few of them finished and upload them tomorrow...
Our store has all sorts of goodies coming up too...check these out...
And don't forget to stop back by to get all the freebies!
Darhena has a new kit out too, it is gorgeous! I love all the goodies she has included!

And Trish has a new business which is wonderful so stop by to check out all the awesome sales and specials all over digiland!

How are you doing on your Project 365 Challenges? I have taken all my pics, I did have several that I had to download off my camera yeaterday so I am glad to finish them finally...but I still want to scrap them. And upload them to my flickr account too. I have also been putting them on my facebook.
Well, I guess I better get back to work.
Hugs for now,

Friday, January 9, 2009

Good Morning...I hope.

Gosh...I was sick in the middle of the week with that crud....viral and very ugly...then today I have to go bacl to work. ughhhh! But hey at least it is Friday....! I can really use some positive energy this morning (as my friend suggested). I have taken my pics everyday so far, but I haven't uploaded them all or scrapped any more of them yet....I did get a really cool one of the moon 4:15 I was driving home from the grocery store and there was the moon...just as clear as day and completely full in a bright blue I had to pull over and snap
I am going to scrap my page this evening for the first week, and maybe scrap a few of those extra photos I have taken all week too! has some great new goodies this week too so stop by and check them out. We also have some wonderful challenges to get you inspired as well....with great prizes for participating!

Well, I guess I better get my bath and get ready for work...TGIF! Hope you all have a great one too!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

day 2 & 3 of 365...

Wow, these days are flying by today is actually day 4, but I haven't taken today's photos is about 40 degrees outside today...ewwwww...but we can't complain really because it was 81 degrees How is that for extreme.

I chose to scrap a pic of my computer on the second day of the year because I value my fun time on my computer. I not only scrapbook on it, but I have a part time job with a local magazine so it is an extra money earner for me, and we are the keepers of the family tree so I also work on that with it. And I use it for my music and photos...and to keep track of all sorts of other things, like my facebook and Myspace accounts, I have found friends from all over the place that were otherwise lost to me. And my email is a major important thing to me since it is sometimes the only way I can communicate with a few of my
I chose my warning ticket for the third day since it reminded me that God is there when I need soon as I saw the highway patrol I started praying for God to spare me...I really can't afford a ticket right now....I can't afford anything right a ticket would have been a real kick in the teeth to our already non-existant budget. And our insurance is already through the roof due to his wreck last year. I apologized to God and to the officer for being careless and not paying attention to my speed. I was in my own little world, just driving along, oblivious to the speed limit...even though I have been up and down that road 4 million times....I guess that is why I was driving
Here is my page so far...

Hugs for now,

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Wow! Here we we have to train our brains to tell our hands to write 2009 instead of I always have the worst time with I didn't make any resolutions this year, purely because last year I didn't keep the only one I made...I had scrapped 531 pages in 2007, and I wanted to try to scrap more than that this year, but I know that I didn't make only resolution was this year I am not making one. Of course when I made that resolution I wasn't planning on working full time all the magazine work that I took on also took away from my scrapping Darn work! lol (just kidding, I am thankful to have a job)

I am going to start a new project this is called a Photo A Day...there is a great kit and all kinds of hoopla over the project from another store...but I am making my own templates and I am planning to make a photo a day of something in our lives....just one pic and then I am going to compile them into a page a week...that way we can see what goes on in my mind and my life. Which means I may have to take the camera to school with me at least one
So if you want to join me I am uploading my free templates to my 4shared account so you can use them to scrap your days....all 365 of them for 2009.

Go here to get the first two weeks worth of templates...

Free to use for yourselves or for commercial quick pages...enjoy them and most of all show me what you come up with!
Here is my first picture and how I am starting my page off...this is my basic may change a little throughout the

Big HUgs,