Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Is it Friday yet?

I am sooo ready for friday this week! It is cold and I didn't want to wear stupid cold dress clothes or get out in the cold to go to work Even though my hubby did go out and start my car for was still ridiculous to have to go out and freeeeeeeze that Yes, I know I am whining especially since I live in Texas and "really cold" here only means in the 20's...I used to live in Iowa and frequently saw minus numbers so I do know what cold is, which is part of the reason I moved back Well, that is enough whining for the day...
I have two or three pages I was in the middle of scrapping yesterday amoung other things so just maybe I can get a few of them finished and upload them tomorrow...
Our store has all sorts of goodies coming up too...check these out...
And don't forget to stop back by to get all the freebies!
Darhena has a new kit out too, it is gorgeous! I love all the goodies she has included!

And Trish has a new business which is wonderful so stop by to check out all the awesome sales and specials all over digiland!

How are you doing on your Project 365 Challenges? I have taken all my pics, I did have several that I had to download off my camera yeaterday so I am glad to finish them finally...but I still want to scrap them. And upload them to my flickr account too. I have also been putting them on my facebook.
Well, I guess I better get back to work.
Hugs for now,

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  1. lol...oh my! What would we do without our hubby's to start cars, move cars, and run errands for us! I feel like a wimp.