Friday, January 9, 2009

Good Morning...I hope.

Gosh...I was sick in the middle of the week with that crud....viral and very ugly...then today I have to go bacl to work. ughhhh! But hey at least it is Friday....! I can really use some positive energy this morning (as my friend suggested). I have taken my pics everyday so far, but I haven't uploaded them all or scrapped any more of them yet....I did get a really cool one of the moon 4:15 I was driving home from the grocery store and there was the moon...just as clear as day and completely full in a bright blue I had to pull over and snap
I am going to scrap my page this evening for the first week, and maybe scrap a few of those extra photos I have taken all week too! has some great new goodies this week too so stop by and check them out. We also have some wonderful challenges to get you inspired as well....with great prizes for participating!

Well, I guess I better get my bath and get ready for work...TGIF! Hope you all have a great one too!

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