Monday, January 26, 2009

Have you ever....

Just wanted to run away? lol Sometimes I think we all need to just for our sanity's I tried to scrap a little bit this weekend. I didn't get a lot of "real" scrappin done, but I did use a few of the freebie bragbooks that I have downloaded lately to drop a few of my pictures in and add a name and date to...if you count those I scrapped about 15 pages this weekend. If you count the ones that I put all together, then I only scrapped
But we made a road trip over to see the hubby's dad and step mom, and several of his brothers and sisters. We had a good day and the trip was alright too. I took lots of pictures (60 to be exact) lol So now I will have more to And on my to-do list this week is my next 2 weeks of project 365 layouts...
And speaking of many of you have missed a day on your project 365? I have missed 2, but I had taken several the day before or after so I just used them. Although one of them wasn't really missed, I just forgot about it until about 12:30 that it is dated wrong but technically I was still on the same day...even if the clocks weren't! lol
I began a couple of the challenges at MSS, but I didn't get them finished. I will have to work on them today and get them posted. Go here to join us for a challenge.
My hubby has been having me teach him a few things in Photoshop the last couple days...he is a quick study too. He is playing with the cartooning of some of the kids photos. He has made several of them into cartoons and is doing a really good job with it. I am very impressed with his skill. I will try to get those posted this week too.
If you want to try your hand at it check out and she has some fabulous tutorials on there to help you learn to draw and color using photoshop.
Well, I guess I will run for now...gotta get some work done...

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