Sunday, January 4, 2009

day 2 & 3 of 365...

Wow, these days are flying by today is actually day 4, but I haven't taken today's photos is about 40 degrees outside today...ewwwww...but we can't complain really because it was 81 degrees How is that for extreme.

I chose to scrap a pic of my computer on the second day of the year because I value my fun time on my computer. I not only scrapbook on it, but I have a part time job with a local magazine so it is an extra money earner for me, and we are the keepers of the family tree so I also work on that with it. And I use it for my music and photos...and to keep track of all sorts of other things, like my facebook and Myspace accounts, I have found friends from all over the place that were otherwise lost to me. And my email is a major important thing to me since it is sometimes the only way I can communicate with a few of my
I chose my warning ticket for the third day since it reminded me that God is there when I need soon as I saw the highway patrol I started praying for God to spare me...I really can't afford a ticket right now....I can't afford anything right a ticket would have been a real kick in the teeth to our already non-existant budget. And our insurance is already through the roof due to his wreck last year. I apologized to God and to the officer for being careless and not paying attention to my speed. I was in my own little world, just driving along, oblivious to the speed limit...even though I have been up and down that road 4 million times....I guess that is why I was driving
Here is my page so far...

Hugs for now,

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  1. Great photos Claudette and we can't always scrap the good things can we!