Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Half way to no where…

Wow, we are half way through the week already…I am glad, but I have so many things to do….what is on your agenda today? 

I have plans on working on a few layouts.  There are some really awesome challenges at that I am dying to do.  The free kit is fabulous for participating.  Drop by the forum and check them out.  There are several different ones to pick from or just do all of them! lol 

We have testing today at school, ughhhh, it is a Mock TAKS test…to basically get them ready for the actual and important ones the first week of March.  But it is sooooo boring!  lol

Anyhow, here are a couple pages I made Monday…

This page is my daughter Austin, at Thanksgiving when she came to visit us.  I used Vickey Morrissey’s Romantic Reflections Kit for it, and you can find it at

austin11252008 (2)

This is me…my hubby took these of me while I was trying to get a little bit of work done. I used the fabulous borders from LAura Burger’s Kate’s Imagination Kit.  And the papers are from Gotta Pixels’ January Pixel pack.


This is my sweetie Ryleigh and her first cupcake baking adventure…she had lots of helpers…lol  I used Tea Party Collaboration Kit by Mad Scrappper designs and Stacy Carlson at  The font is called Pink Flamingo, and I love how fun it is.


I used Vickey Morrissey’s Romantic Reflections Kit for this page of me and my little brother, and you can find it at


This is a page that I just had to vent on….somedays it is like that…so if you read it please don’t think I am selfish, but more or less just tired. lol  I used BoolandDesigns kit called Little Black Dress for this page, you can find it at


This is a fabulous freebie quick page that I downloaded from Vanilla Designs…..I LOVE the pink and black!


I used Tea Party Collaboration Kit by Mad Scrappper designs and Stacy Carlson at for this page of Ryleigh. 


This was another freebie page that I downloaded…I forgot who made it and I do not have time to look right now but  I will…because it was soooo cute…this is my cousin and her hubby of 18 years or so….they make the cutest couple.  I ripped her picture off her myspace…lol


I used Vickey Morrissey’s Romantic Reflections Kit for this page of anthony’s great aunt Nolie.  Don’t you just love the hat. 


I used Vickey Morrissey’s Romantic Reflections Frames Kit for this page and her gorgeous new papers too! The papers are so pretty you don’t want to put anything over them! lol  This is my hubby’s Grannie and grandpa in about the 1970’s.


Wow, that was more than I remember, but there were several from Sunday too!  LOL

Well, I guess I will go for now.  Hope your day is a splendid one!



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  1. Girl, those are some excellent layouts!! Wow, you've been busy! I'm loving the tea party layouts....I've never seen that kit before. And how great that you used a layout to vent! I might have to try that.
    I've got a million (not really, but it seems like it) challenges lined up to do this week, but I might have to hop over to MyScrapShop and see what's up! Thanks for sharing!