Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Morning

It is always busy at my house...if you don't beleive me just stop by, we are all up drinking coffee today...we have several visitors, including my child and her fiance, my nephew and his wife and kids, and my hubby's friends....The really funny thing it that it looks like an internet cafe, because we are all sitting at the table with our

This coming weekend it labor day weekend! And MSS is having a whopper of a sale!

Don't forget to stop by and grab a deal or two!
We all go back to school tomorrow! The little kids are sooooo excited! The two bigger ones are not real sure whether they are excited or not! lol
Our school made lots of changes this year...including adding corporal punishment as a form of discipline! That fourth tardy will be a zinger! lol
I am trying to get my portion of the August DAK uploaded today too! So go check out the Design A Kit link in the forum of MSS....
HUgs for now,

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Summer is almost gone...

I am glad in a way, but I also hate to get back to the early mornings and only weekends to
School starts on the 25th...then we will be getting up at 5:15 again...and I will go back to getting dressed really fast after they all get on the Hubby has a doctor's appointment that same day, be praying that they say that last bone is healing, so he can get back to normal...Please Lord...
We bought all those school clothes and school supplies Friday we have completed this chore! lol Except for the two that are in high school, they won't get their lists until the first day of school...each teacher in high school requests something different...ughh!
I have training sessions all week at school this week, and I started to school last week to help pass out books to the kids picking up their was fun to see all the kids and visit with them
Not much else going mom's birthday just passed and my daughter's boyfriend's one up is my step daughter-Amanda...she will be 16 years old! Yikes!
Don't forget to stop by over at MSS for the Daily Download! It is a lot of fun and some really great freebies! I am working on a great farm kit and a fun back to school freebie! I will try to get them finished in the next few days...
Hugs for now,

Saturday, August 2, 2008

whooosshhhhh! Was all I heard.....

as July flew by! lol The first two weeks took forever then the last two just disappeared before my very eyes! All this sitting at home unemployed stuff is killing We have stayed up REALLYYYY late every night and got up reallllly late every day...our whole schedule is
We were getting mad when people called and woke us up, then we realized it was noon and we shouldn't be sleeping
I appologize for not posting a little more these days...we have all been so busy and I had a lovely Win32.Spybot.Worm on my laptop that totally created chaos for me...and my hubby's laptop too...people that create those things have NO LIFE! Just creates a mess and a bunch of heartache for all the lost files when my pc crashes from them....Norton was soooo useless that the worm shut it down....uuugghhhh!
Anyhow, I reformatted and reinstalled all my programs, which took me several days...and now I am back in business...and I have an issue of BeSafe Child Magazine going to press this Friday so I will be very busy working on that.
And over at we have all kinds of great things going on....The daily download is always fun and who can pass up a freebie? lol Plus we have some great challenges on board there with all sorts of neat prizes and some really great tutorials too!
Well, I am headed to work on some freebies for my portion of the daily download, don't forget to stop by and get them...and checkout all the great new designers we have now too!
Hugs for now,