Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Morning

It is always busy at my house...if you don't beleive me just stop by, we are all up drinking coffee today...we have several visitors, including my child and her fiance, my nephew and his wife and kids, and my hubby's friends....The really funny thing it that it looks like an internet cafe, because we are all sitting at the table with our

This coming weekend it labor day weekend! And MSS is having a whopper of a sale!

Don't forget to stop by and grab a deal or two!
We all go back to school tomorrow! The little kids are sooooo excited! The two bigger ones are not real sure whether they are excited or not! lol
Our school made lots of changes this year...including adding corporal punishment as a form of discipline! That fourth tardy will be a zinger! lol
I am trying to get my portion of the August DAK uploaded today too! So go check out the Design A Kit link in the forum of MSS....
HUgs for now,

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