Saturday, August 2, 2008

whooosshhhhh! Was all I heard.....

as July flew by! lol The first two weeks took forever then the last two just disappeared before my very eyes! All this sitting at home unemployed stuff is killing We have stayed up REALLYYYY late every night and got up reallllly late every day...our whole schedule is
We were getting mad when people called and woke us up, then we realized it was noon and we shouldn't be sleeping
I appologize for not posting a little more these days...we have all been so busy and I had a lovely Win32.Spybot.Worm on my laptop that totally created chaos for me...and my hubby's laptop too...people that create those things have NO LIFE! Just creates a mess and a bunch of heartache for all the lost files when my pc crashes from them....Norton was soooo useless that the worm shut it down....uuugghhhh!
Anyhow, I reformatted and reinstalled all my programs, which took me several days...and now I am back in business...and I have an issue of BeSafe Child Magazine going to press this Friday so I will be very busy working on that.
And over at we have all kinds of great things going on....The daily download is always fun and who can pass up a freebie? lol Plus we have some great challenges on board there with all sorts of neat prizes and some really great tutorials too!
Well, I am headed to work on some freebies for my portion of the daily download, don't forget to stop by and get them...and checkout all the great new designers we have now too!
Hugs for now,

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  1. Oh, yuck...a worm! Glad you are back online...I agree about the time going by quickly.

    I hope sales are well for you.