Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Here are more freebies for you all....

Here are a few things I was working on...I can't just do one thing at a time...lol
I made the halloween pieces from an idea for a recipe card and a halloween scene that I created...hope you like them...

Halloweeny Kit:
****SORRY, Link has expired****
This is a baby shower invite that I am working on for my DD's best friend...She is having a boy...but I recolored a few of the goodies for those with girls...

Showering Baby Kit:
****SORRY, Link has expired****
This is the kit that was inspired by the Mexican Restuarant that I ate at the other day. I loved the color scheme...hope you all do too...
I don't have the preview ready...I will try to get one on here tomorrow...

Posadito's Kit:
****SORRY, Link has expired****

Monday, October 29, 2007

Here I am....

I am so buzzing with excitement....I got a comment from a blog reader of mine that downloaded one of my templates and then scrapped a page using it....go here to see it...

How cool is that! I am very flattered. I am busy scrapping a little this evening...plus I made a quick tutorial on making patterned paper for one of my groups...hopefully it is something that they needed to learn...lol

Here is the paper I made while using the tutorial....

Kinda fun...I also started on a new kit too...I can't give away the paper I made for halloween because the brushes are from another person....on the web...not sure about all the copyright stuff so I will stay on the safe side...lol
Anyhow the kit I am working on was inspired by the Mexican Food Restuarant that I ate lunch at today with my Mom....it was really good. It is called Posadito's. The tile on thier wall was in a dark red and navy blue, then the stuco type wall was a guacomole green...and it had decorative tiles that had those same colors and a mustard color and it all had a stuco colored grout on it....so I am making a color scheme to show you all...not sure if I can get it perfectly matched...I wish I would have had my camera...
We see scrapbook inspirations in the strangest places...lol
Well gotta make a run to the store so I will go for now, but I will post later or tomorrow with the pieces that I make....

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Scrappin' Time for me....

I got a little bit of time to scrap this past week....these first two pages I made for Connie Prince's Creative Team. I am having fun using all her FABULOUS kits. YOu can check them all out at Divine Digital.com or at GottaPixel.net...
I made this page of Amanda's Glamor Shots Pictures...Her mom took her for her birthday, they turned out beautiful...as you can see. I used Connie Prince's Color Revolution "Ravishing in Red" kit. It is such a wonderful kit for these pages.
Here I used the same kit by Connie Prince...you can find it here:
Here is a recipe card I made at school one day...I subbed for the digital media class and they had PS on their computer so I made the best of my free time...lol
I created all the peices on this card.
This was a pumkin that I created to show them what the teacher had requested, it had to have a black bakground and be drawn with all white lines, have glowing eyes and mouth. It was also supposed to reflect their personality....I think mine does....lol

My kiddos at our Library's Story time...
I am not sure what this kit was called but I am sure it was made by Michelle Swadling...It was such fun colors.
My Ryan at Halloween in 2003
I used Mary Fran's Can I be Frank Kit for all these 5 pages...She can be found over at NitWit creations. Such a fun kit too!
Ryleigh the kitty cat...2003
Austin as Brittney spears and Alex as a Sleepy kid....2003
Ethan as the Silly Cheetah...2003

The Boo Crew of 2003.

Lots of fun scrappin these....
Thanks for looking at them...I was in a creative mood too so maybe I can finish some of the stuff I was working on and share them with you all.
Big Hugs,

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A day off?....

Finally a day off...I feel like Ferris Bueler....lol
I intend to use every single minute of it too!
These first two pages were made using COnnie Prince's Kit called Color Revolution Perfect Pumpkin. I love the swirls and the cute papers with words on them...Lots of fun playing with this kit...You can find it at http://www.gottapixel.net/ or at http://www.divinedigital.com/
My pumpkins smiling with the pumpkins they picked out.
Me and my twins at the pumpkin patch in 2005.

This is my calendar page I made using the same kit plus a calendar insert by Katie Pertiet. The cd case I made this for looks really cute with this in it. Just make your page 4.75x4.75 and it will be a perfect fit for the cd case. I am going to make these for family for Christmas...

Well better run for now...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

When it rains it pours....

It seems like when you get behind on anything that you can never seem to get caught up...not on bills, not on laundry, not on sleep...or rest for that matter. Finally my teacher fill in job is finished...I am so tired and needed a day off for my sanity to recover. It's been a long 7 weeks of school. lol
So today I am beginning a long list of errands that needed running and then I am going to work on cleaning my house....thoroughly. lol And I also want some scrap time alone with no one interupting my train of thought....lol
Not asking for much am I? lol
I am loving the Simply Sarah Templates on her blog for the calendar book. If you haven't looked at them go check them out. And she is making a mini kit to go with them too. I wanted to make a few too but haven't really had time too.
I started making a calendar too for my family Christmas presents. The kind that go in a CD case. I measured them and they measured 4.75x4.75. I will post one of them.
for you to see later today.
I am also on Connie Prince's Guest Cteative Team for October and have been having a real blast with her kits! She has such cute stuff. You can find her at Gotta Pixel or Divine Digital.com
I have a few more pages to upload on those too.
My email at home isn't working so I will change the one for this account and my group mail to my yahoo address. It is claudettewooddell on yahoo.com if anyone needs to reach me before I get it fixed.
I can check the yahoo one once or twice a day but not too frequently.
Big hugs,

Sunday, October 7, 2007

I am in the mood for fall....

I am so glad it is turning into fall here...
I love the fall weather and everything about the season.
So I got a few minutes to scrap last night and I made a few pages of our past Halloweens around here. I love to go trick or treating at our towns festival and dress up and all the fun that goes with it...

These are my kids last year at Halloween. They had their picture taken for the High Schools Project Graduation fund raiser...cute photo!
I used Connie Prince's Autumn's Bounty Kit at Gotta Pixel for this page and I typed the date using Blackadder font. Don't you just love all her stitching for this kit! Here is the link...

Here are my kids at Halloween in 2005.
I used Connie's Collab kit with ACM Designs called Halloween Night..
and I used Cooper font.

Here I used the Halloween Night kit again and I used Black Letter font, it is perfectly scary with this page!
Love these two kits!
Maybe I can scrap some more pages today!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Warm and Snuggly Fuzzies!

LOL, I found this page in my email this week, where Laura used my quick page to scrap her layout of their trip to Alder Dam. I am so flettered that she liked it and used it!
Thanks Laura!
Here is the link to it in case you missed it and would like to get it too...****SORRY, Link has expired****
Big hugs,
I am gonna keep this short so I have time to scrap a little bit!