Tuesday, October 16, 2007

When it rains it pours....

It seems like when you get behind on anything that you can never seem to get caught up...not on bills, not on laundry, not on sleep...or rest for that matter. Finally my teacher fill in job is finished...I am so tired and needed a day off for my sanity to recover. It's been a long 7 weeks of school. lol
So today I am beginning a long list of errands that needed running and then I am going to work on cleaning my house....thoroughly. lol And I also want some scrap time alone with no one interupting my train of thought....lol
Not asking for much am I? lol
I am loving the Simply Sarah Templates on her blog for the calendar book. If you haven't looked at them go check them out. And she is making a mini kit to go with them too. I wanted to make a few too but haven't really had time too.
I started making a calendar too for my family Christmas presents. The kind that go in a CD case. I measured them and they measured 4.75x4.75. I will post one of them.
for you to see later today.
I am also on Connie Prince's Guest Cteative Team for October and have been having a real blast with her kits! She has such cute stuff. You can find her at Gotta Pixel or Divine Digital.com
I have a few more pages to upload on those too.
My email at home isn't working so I will change the one for this account and my group mail to my yahoo address. It is claudettewooddell on yahoo.com if anyone needs to reach me before I get it fixed.
I can check the yahoo one once or twice a day but not too frequently.
Big hugs,

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