Saturday, August 4, 2007 blogger having issues?

A different one...that flew away...
I am having a time trying to get my blog to load? Out of 10 clicks it only loaded once....ARRRGGHHH!

I will try to load some great bug pictures...Dragonfly the up close parts of him gross me I don't like bugs...But I do like the colors that God used to make that one....
sooooooo I made a color palette from the creature above...
So why don't you all join me and lets make a kit using these colors...they must go together well since the Lord used
I already started on some papers....


  1. Claudette,
    What beautiful pix you take!!! I am a HUGE fan of dragonflies, but can't EVER get a picture! You must be talented AND have a camera with a super fast shutter speed.

    Thanks for sharing with those less talented,
    Laura (berrybest1)

  2. Awesome photo...what a great catch!