Tuesday, December 30, 2008

End of the Year..feeling a little nostalgic....

I know, I hate when I get this way....lol I was just thinking about all the New Year's Eve parties that my parents used to go to and we loved it because we got to stay with a baby sitter....very rarely did they go anywhere that we didn't get to go, so it was sort of a treat to get to stay home with out the parents....lol And we always used to tell them bye as they leave and say "See y'all next year!" lol We used to think that was the funniest thing! Yes, we were pretty cheesey kids...lol
But it was fun....what was special that you used to do around this time of year? Let me know, leave me a comment....
Well, I am going to scrap a few recipes that I wanted to share with my family and my daughter...
and I have to scrap the Christmas pictures of us at my mom's for my mom's bragbook. TTFN!

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