Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Friday Mornin' to ya...

I am so glad it is has been the longest week has also been the exit level TAKS exams for my two older kids, please pray that they passed them. And it was our homecoming week at the high school....and it was DARE to keep kids off drugs week at both the elementary and intermediate schools....EVERYDAY has been awful We have all had to dress up in some way, shape, or form this week. Today is "Blue and Gold" day for the homecoming game. We are all supposed to dress up in all blue and gold...there will be some strange children at school today with face paint and the whole nine
But on a down side it will be soooooo rowdy it is awful....
We had a blast again last night at the MSS Chat....I counted one time and there were 36 people in the chat one time! But we had so much fun....I meowed using the sound function on the menu bar for the chat room, and I got all kinds or rowdiness stirred Lots of slapping, whipping, barking, and meowing went
There are tons of new products released this week too...stop by MSS to check them out...they are on sale for 24 hours to boot, so run on over to get a good deal. The downloads for the chat were fabulous too!
This is my newest kit this week. Its a mini kit and is priced even comes with a quick page in the kit for you to throw those pics of your goblin in and print away. As you can tell my daughter is a kitty nut so everything has kitty

Hope you like it. This is Ryan and Ryleigh and their scary faces several years ago....I just love this picture of

Don't forget to check out my kit from last week called "Down on the Farm" lol It is full of silly farm animals....
Hugs for now,

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