Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oh geeezzzzeeee....Lots of cheeeeeeese over here.

So far this week I have gotten three of my kids school pics, and my own....geez are we cheesy! Big ol' hammy faces! LOL! I remember taking school pictures when I was a kid. My mom would fix my hair and dare me to mess it up! lol So of course I do my kids the same But the boys always find a way to mess theirs up...they are so funny. And this year one of the girls has on LIME green nail polish! What is up with that? And of course I picked the pose that has here posed with her arms crossed in front of we can really see them good! lol Can we say PHOTOSHOP! lol
We have a family reunion to go to on Saturday for my hubby's family. My family decided to schedule theirs for the same as a boycot I am not going to it. I hate last minute plans...especially when I have already made plans...that is one of my pet peeves....last minute people who just assume you will bend to fit their new schedules....well, I say "No"...I hate having to feel like I am being made to revolve around someone just drives me nuts.
What is going on in your corner of the world this weekend? We have lots of new and fabulous products in the store tomorrow! Go check them all out and get a deal or two while you are
Hugs for now,

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