Thursday, July 19, 2007

Its Thursday...Already?

Ryleigh- I used the For MIles' Memory kit QP's for these first five pages.

Me and Austin-before they left for summer.

Ethan & Alex-before they left for summer.

Austin & Ryleigh-
Austin with her sprayed on tan....I am so used to her being soooo white that this looks so strange to I told her that the sun was

Austin with her birthday present from her dad....she is going to be the next HUGE rockstar...
At our house
I am so not sure where this week went already? I have been kids got home yesterday from their father's house and we spent the rest of the day catching up on all the events of 48 I had some good laughs and a few things that make me sad. They are growing up... :( My Ethan lost two teeth while he was gone and he said the stupid toothfairy didn't bring him I told him it was because she lives in Texas not (Sorry, all you Iowans) lol
They seem to have had fun and stayed busy. They took lots of great pictures, (go figure that my kids would be photo addicts like ANyhow.....I will have to scrap more to show them off too! lol (darn, I hate it when that happens) lol
I scrapped the few pages at the top last night so show today....
Let me know what you think....they are 4x6 for my brag book.....
Thanks for looking,
BIG hugs,

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