Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hey out there? IS anybody listening in cyber space?

No one seems to be listening The two little kids {regardless, what these photos show} want to argue all day!

Anyhow...I have been busy playing with my Photoshop and trying out new stuff and I learned how to do several new things as you will see on these pages!
I learned how to use a few of my actions, and I learned how to make a shape like the wave on the verbenia page...very fun!
The two pages that have PolkaDotted Paper and the Grassy Paper were made by Susan Cleeves--for out Outdoor Fun Freebie kit...She did a great job. So did Hummie, and so did Jen....I will try to make something with yall's stuff too and post them as well.
This kit is growing very quickly! I love it!
The actions I used above were from Atomic Cupcake and Al Ward.
And I just got some COOOOLLL Tandika Star Actions to use too, so you will be seeing them soon on some pages!
My big kids come home on Tuesday, keep them in your prayers for a safe flight and drive home!
I am going to stay up late and download some stuff tonight so I am sure I will have lots to share tomorrow or Monday...
Hugs for now,
Oh...PS....I found a great link on Christine Smith's Blog that has a great free Typewriter Key Alphabet...please take a minute to read what she put on it about the freebies....and by all means Leave her some love if you download from her. And anyone else you download from! Please! and Thank you!

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