Thursday, July 5, 2007

Some pages I made this morning...

Ryleigh-This one was a free quickpage by Anita Designs...I made the letters using Atomic Cupcake Gemstone Action...(love their actions)

Ryan-Same thing as her page...Anita Designs Quick Page and Atomic Cupcake Actions for letters.

This is Ryan, Ryleigh, and Daddy-THis page I made using Hummie's Honoring Grandpa Kit...also used Atomic Cupcake Action for the burnt Edge...Edwardian Script, Arial Black, & Cooper Std Fonts used on all three pages.
I made a Qp from this page, but I need to ask Hummie if it is ok to share (I am learning Gail)


  1. OH, more great pages! I would be honored if you shared it with everyone (and me!)....giggle

    Keep on keep'n on the scrap'n! giggle

  2. Actually, since I am a rectangle scrapper, can you make that word art and that frame as a separate .png for me? giggle, in addition to the QP.