Sunday, March 28, 2010

End of the weekend....

Wow, that flew by! I had sooooo many things I was going to get done...but alas only only managed to get my laundry done and eat way too much with family and I did get to tallk to my kids on the phone and I enjoyed watching my 3 younger ones ride their bikes, and we had an awesome ice cream treat on saturday by stopping by all loved butterfinger blizzard was awesome too! lol
I am trying to plan a baby shower for my daughter next month....location and all the logistics are toughest part...cake and punch are the easy parts! lol
I am loving my new job so far still! Getting to do work that you enjoy isn't really work at all! lol
Yes, there is a quote along that line...but I forgot who said
Well, I am heading off to bed for now! Love you all and may tomorrow hold wonderous adventures for you all! Peace, Love and Friendship, Claudette

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