Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Fever is

I am sooooo glad it is Friday...geez, I am worse than the kids! lol I am just wiped out this week. It has been a long busy week and I am ready to rest and relax a bit. My kids didn't want to get up this morning either, but I convinved them that it was the last day of the week, so lets just get it over with! lol
I am reading a book called "Dear John" by Nicholas Sparks, that is so good...but not his usual tear jerker kind of story so I am actually able to read it in front of people! lol The next one of his that I have to read is called "At First Site." It looks good too! Dear John is reminding me of my military days...I have been very nostalic the last week or two...turning 40 does that to ya, I guess. I had all these grand ideas of things I wanted to have done by the time I was 40, (which back when I made this list was what I considered to be old) but here I am at 40 and I lost the list but it was WAY off track anyway. So then that seed of dissapointment sets in and we have to decide where we go from here...? I feel like I am standing at the proverbial fork in the road of life and which road shall I take? Does anyone else feel like that? I thought that by now I would be making so much more money and have life figured out, but I am still poor and have NO clue about life. Some days I feel like God has deserted me, but in the smallest ways he reminds me that he is still there, matching me step for step. A month ago I had a big reminder that he still looks after me, through a total strangers generosity. ANd when I hear of a very special scrapbooker on one of my groups and her struggle with cancer I am reminded that life is not all easy and requires some struggle to make us stronger...
Well, I better get off here and get my bath so I can get ready for school...
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