Thursday, September 27, 2007

Friday is tomorrow? Really?

Are you sure....I don't want to get my hopes up if its not

Busy doing school teacher stuff! Lots of fun english work...journal entries that will drive you crazy....what is bad is some of them would be hard for me to write 75 words about, and we are expecting high school kids to do these....although today we had fun, our journal entry was about the Nobel prize, I did not know that he was the person that created dynomite and he felt guilty about the fact that his creation was used to destroy and harm others, so he set up the fund for the prizes using the tons of money that he made from selling dynomite. So they were supposed to write about a prize that they would create and then make up the critea for winning it and why they picked what they picked....
SO with that said.....I wish I could create the Higgins Scrapbooking Award for the most pages scrapped in a year. They could be digital pages or paper, they must include photos, journaling, and all the other great gizmos and And the awesome prize that would be awarded to them would be all thier pages bound into books for each of their family
(By the way, Higgins was my maiden name) (I didn't name it after Becky Higgins) (lol)
Well, that was I guess it is back to hubby will be here in a
And I need to help a 7 year old do her telling time homework! lol
Big hugs,

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