Monday, September 3, 2007

Happy Labor Day!

Not much news today....just boring holiday at home...
Worked on laundry some and played the Link-a-pix games on line a while. Got my pictures off my camera so I can scrap those first day of school photos. Can't wait to get to the fun part of the photojournalism class....we are going to have fun in

I got a kick out of the new Texas Laws that went into effect as of Sept 1st. My favorite out of all of them is the "Speeding Tickets-Drivers ticketed for going 95 or faster will not be allowed to take Defensive Driving Safety Class to dismiss the ticket...." This just says "DUH, ya think?" all over it.... LOL

Any how...back to work tomorrow and back to school too!

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  1. Cheers Claudette, what was more fun? Working the laundry or doing the online Link-a-pix? :)