Monday, March 24, 2008

Wow, what a busy week that was...

We were on Spring Break here...and it flew by...I was hurt and litterally stayed in the bed all week...I was upset because I didn't get all my great spring cleaning and organizing that I wanted to do done...but I did play on my laptop alot....

Have you been to lately? I have a new kit in it called "King of the Castle" you can find it here:

It has 20 beautiful coordinating papers, 7 matching tied bows, 3 Gorgeous gross grain ribbons, and the folded matching ribbons. A brad, 6 stunning buttons and 3 metalic staples to attach things with. There are 4 frames for your images and 4 tags to write on. Two journal boxes that are fitting for your King, and you can change the background color on one of them to match your pages. A very Kingly Crown brad with 6 swirly glittery stars to boot!

While you are there don't forget to check out these gorgeous pages by TragedyAnne using Pillowgirls "Believe in Fairies kit"....

You can find it here:

And Pillowgirl's Believe in Fairies kit is found right here:

And now that we have covered the King and the Fairies.....we muss n't forget the Queen....

You can get it here....isn't it a beauty....LOVE the colors...

Come check us out....bye for now...


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  2. Hey, look at you...making all these new go girl! Lookn' good! I wish you many happy sales

  3. i love your blog, and you have a lovely family. and now you've been tagged (check my blog for details).