Saturday, August 1, 2009

Yes, I am still alive…

I am sure you thought I had fell off the face of the earth but I am still here.  I am trying to keep my head above the water these days. Trying to juggle work, internet business, home stuff, bills, housework, and teenager issues has me run ragged though! Work is sort of leveling off and I feel like I am “getting it”…lol  I haven’t had much computer time lately, and the few minutes I get I spend trying to read all my emails and those that are on my facebook account.  For my mindless entertainment I am playing the FarmTown and Farmville games on Facebook…if you play come be my neighbor…;)

I am anxious to see our new collab kit at MSS this month.  IT was themed for the outdoors and the colors were fun! Stop by there to check it out!

I have scrapped a few pages for my CT requirements and a few few my commitment at hummiesworld, and I made myself a huge chunk of pages all on one screen in order to place them on my desktop at work…the computer there is stuck on tileing the photo, and there is no way for me to change it so I found a way around it…make a desktop that is full of 2 inch squares so that when it tiles it, it will look like a never ending set of pages…looks pretty cool if I do say so It is this first page…


I bought a few kits too that I used for a few pages here as well. 

alexryanfavoritepageWEB amandageena09WEB amandalynnsmiling09WEB

These next two pages are of Amand and her swimsuit shots of herself…lol I used my Smooth Sailing Quick pages for them.

AmandaLynnSwimmin09WEB amandaswimmin09_2WEB austinmichael72509WEB

This recipe was the Layout of the Day on the 29th of July at! I was very excited to see that!


These next few pages are badge album pages that I am making using my Love American Style Kit…you can find it at

CWooddell_BadgeAlbum_CoverPageWEB cwooddell_BadgeAlbum_Page1WEB cwooddell_BadgeAlbum_Page2WEB cwooddell_BadgeAlbum_page3WEB cwooddell_BadgeAlbum_page4WEB

This is my bragbook page entry in the bragbook exchange at

   freedompage1WEB Ryleigh_hummieschallengepageWEB

Hugs for now,


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