Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year and Hello again...

Sorry I have been away so long...there has been so much commotion around here that I am struggling to keep my head above the water.....
My job that I started in June is very stifling and just wears me the point where all creativity is gone when I get home each then I just sit and mindlessly play games on facebook or on my computer. Big Fish games are so awesome and they have soooo many of them...
I joined a new store as well, my designs are there under the name DigitalGator Designs too. I am still at as well.
Haven't scrapped too many pages on my days off because I have scheduled the kids doctor and dentist check ups on those days and I haven't been around to take many pictures or to scrap them. I am very glad that the holidays are over
I have participated in the January Collab kit at, it is called Frost Bite, and it is a chilly addition to your scrapping goodies. All soft cool colors that I know you will love!

I failed miserabley at my 365 photo challenge this past year...I was great up until we had some family dissapointments and then my depression kicked in and I really didn't care if I took a photo each day or not...Not too sure that I want to make that commitment this year, but I think I am going to set a commitment to at least take several every month, that represent the month. Maybe I will just scrap the months and not the individual days....just not enough time in my days for too much more. we still have 4 kids at
Here are a few of the latest pages that I have scrapped...Thanks for looking! And listening!

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