Friday, December 3, 2010

Ok, time for a new look!

Spent my lunch hour re-doing my three others to go, but those will have to wait until after work.  Bought this lovely blogwear from GottaPixel and TrixieScraps is who designed it.  Very Cute!
I acutally read a few blogs this morning, there are some really funny blogs out there if you look.  There are a ton of great freebies right now too, couple of blog trains and such.
I've been busy working on the class at {open still for sign-ups} We are creating a recipe book! Lots of fun there.  Can't wait to get it all made up.  Want to preserve my grannie's, my daddy's and my mom's recipes.  Especially my favorite
For my friends and family who don't scrap I will post the recipe cards on here for you to save and print for your selves.  If I were rich I would print and mail them all. lol
I also need to get busy on Christmas cards too! UGh...We didn't take our usual thanksgiving day photo together so I will have to make do with something else? Not sure what that will be...?

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