Sunday, February 6, 2011

A couple of things....

Well First of all....I am sooooo tickled that I got so many comments on my kit...I am glad that you all like it.  I hope you scrap many fun and loving pages with it.  I am pleased that you all enjoyed the direct links as  I enjoy creating for my own personal sanity, yes we have 7 kids and I need all the sanity I can muster some  
I am also very hurt by the thief that felt the need to pirate my kit and name it something altogether different and stupid. It was a free kit that was shared with our scrapping community and I even shared it in direct download links, because I HATE 4shared lately as well as all the other pain in the rear file hosting sites...people can be rude and cruel, I know because I have seen it many times in my 42 years...but when someone gives you a gift you should appreciate it and not try to bite the hand that feeds you...just saying......
And wow! I had 1,111 visits this past week! That is amazing! That is encouraging...just wish I had had 1100 comments
 I scrapped a couple of my quick pages that I made for the freebie favorite new topic of course is my
There is nothing cuter than a sleeping baby! :)
He sleeps when I rock him to sleep and he sleeps snuggled up with his uncles and aunts in the recliner too!  He is blessed to have 2 aunts and 4 uncles to squeeze and love on him.
And no way is he rotten or
Ok, well off I go to scrap more. :) I also used some pieces from a few of the other train participants to scrap a few others with.


Also I decorated this blog with my portion of the kit.
Hugs for now,


  1. Hi Claudette..Thank you for the beautiful kit! I just downloaded it :)

  2. I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful downloads from the blogtrain. It's so kind of you to share your talent and time. I don't "get" how anyone would pirate someone else's kit, but they must be lacking in self esteem (and talent!) Don't let a bad apple get to you. Your efforts are appreciated BIG TIME!

  3. Thank you so much. Your work is beautiful and so very generous. I'm sorry that some really nasty person did that to you. There's no understanding some people. Looking forward to checking out more of you work. It IS appreciated.