Friday, May 6, 2011

It's the mother of all giveaways!"

Yep, you heard me...stop by at Mom's with Camera's to join in the fun! You never know what you gonna get....well, in this case you sort of do...lots of great prizes to win...if you win...I may win...we'll see soon!  lol
Happy Mother's day coming up on Sunday...
And tomorrow is International Scrapbook Day! wooohooo! Like I needed a reason to Lots of digital places celebrating it...
Plain Digital Wrapper is...

And lots of wonderful sales there too...

And lots of fun and games to play...several chats...and even some great freebies! 
Don't miss it! 

Also Daisies and Dimples is having their GRAND OPENING SALE! 

Hugs for the day, 
See you all at PDW for the chats! 

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